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Best of the Genea-Blogs - 18 to 24 November 2012

Hundreds of genealogy and family history bloggers write thousands of posts every week about their research, their families, and their interests. I appreciate each one of them and their efforts.
My criteria for "Best of ..." are pretty simple - I pick posts that advance knowledge about genealogy and family history, address current genealogy issues, provide personal family history, are funny or are poignant. I don't list posts destined for the genealogy carnivals, or other meme submissions (but I do include summaries of them), or my own posts.

Here are my picks for great reads from the genealogy blogs for this past week:

*  Tech Tuesday: Streamlined Scanning with a Genealogy Photo Workflow, Part 1 by Denise Levenick on The Family Curator blog.  Denise defines how she scans family photos efficiently.

*  Reflections on Technology and the Changes To Come and More About the Challenges of Technology and Genealogy by James Tanner on the Genealogy's Star blog.  James muses about how people react to changes in technology, and the impact of technology on genealogy research.

*  My Ancestors Told, My Elders Listened, We Now Pass It On by Angela Walton-Raji on the My Ancestor's Name blog.  Don't we all wish we had stories like this!

*  Blogging Genealogy: How Do I Figure Out What to Write? by Caroline M. Pointer on the blog.  Aye, there's the rub!  Caroline has ideas...

*  Grand Theft Genealogy by Debbie Mascot on the Mascot Manor Genealogy blog.  Debbie read a genealogy article online that got her dander up ... and makes great points in her response.

*  Android Gets Hints!  See What's New in Our Android App by Aaron Orr on the Blog.  Cool.  It's about time...

*  Family Trees Come in All Shapes and Sizes -- Family Trees That Might Interest Kids by Diane L. Richard on the Upfront with NGS blog.  There are more family trees out there that don't show ancestors...check out this post.

*  The  Fourth Annual Great Genealogy Poetry Challenge 2012 by Bill West on the West in New England blog.  There are eight entries in this annual genealogy poetry carnival.

*  Question About Privacy by Michele Simmons Lewis on the Ancestoring's Ask A Question blog.  Michele answers a reader question about personal records in a software database and living person privacy.

*  When It Comes to Forensic Genealogy: The Queen is King -  Dee Dee King by Nancy Siddons-Daniels on the Record Click blog.  Nancy interviews Dee Dee about forensic genealogy and the CAFG.

*  Leftover Ancestors - 2012 Edition by Thomas MacEntee on the Destination: Austin Family blog.    Thomas found many Thanksgiving-related names in Ancestry collections - funny stuff!

*  Misteaks by Harold Henderson on the Midwestern Microhistory: A Genealogy Blog.  Harold offers his thoughts on the Sharon Moody column that riled up a number of other geneabloggers.

*  Of Rodney King and Aussie Hats by Connie Sheets on the Trail Creek Roots blog.  Connie offers her perspective on the Moody article and reaction to it.

These genea-bloggers wrote weekly pick posts and news summary posts this week: 

*  Monday Morning Mentions by Lynn Palermo on The Armchair Genealogist blog.

*  Monday Mentionables  by Cyndi Beane Henry (Texicanwife) on the Mountain Genealogists blog.

*  Monday Recap for November 19, 2012 by Amanda on the Geni Blog.

*  Follow Friday - Fab Finds for November 23, 2012 by Jana Last on Jana's Genealogy and Family History Blog.

*  Friday Finds - 11/23/12 by Julie Cahill Tarr on the Genblog blog.

*  Weekly Genealogy Picks - Nov. 18-24 by John Newmark on the TransylvanianDutch blog.

I encourage readers to go to the blogs listed above and read their articles, and add their blogs to your Favorites, Google Reader, RSS feed or email if you like what you read. Please make a comment to them also - all bloggers appreciate feedback on what they write.

Did I miss a great genealogy blog post? Tell me! I am currently reading posts from over 1300 genealogy bloggers using Google Reader, but I still miss quite a few it seems.

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