Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Exploring RootsMagic 6- Post 5: the Find Everywhere Feature

In Exploring RootsMagic 6 - Post 1, I covered the new features included in RootsMagic 6 genealogy software.

One of the features is the "Find Everywhere" search feature.  The short description is:

Find Everywhere -- Find every record containing text you enter; Find people, families, events, notes, sources, places, to-do items, research logs, media items, and more; Edit any found record directly from the results screen

Here is the process I used to find all of the information in my RootsMagic database about a specific place:

1)  In any RootsMagic View screen, click on the "Search" menu item and select the "Find Everywhere" link:

2)  The "Find Everywhere" window opened, and I entered "Killingly" into the first search field:

Note that I could have entered up to 6 search terms in the fields available, and could have chosen "And" or "Or" as the search operation for the 2nd through 6th terms.  The search terms can be names of persons, place names, source names, etc.  If you want only a capitalized word (e.g., a name that also has a common definition), be sure to check the "Match case" box.

3)  I clicked on the "OK" button and saw:

The list starts out with a list of People whose name or Note contains the search term.

Further down the list is more categories - for Families, Places, Sources, Multimedia, etc.

One of the features of this search is that everything in blue is clickable - I can go to the Edit Person window for the person by clicking on the "edit" link next to his name.  I can also click on anything in blue on the screen above - the Note, the Citation detail, the Footnote, the Caption, etc. 

What might I do with this report?  I could use it to find all instances of a specific source which mention a name or a place (e.g., an author name and a place name).  Or all instances for a specific place name (like above) to see which events are not sourced.  Or misspellings of a surname (by using all six fields).

I like the report - how can I save it or print it out?  The report above was 17 pages, and my preference is to Save it to my computer so that I can refer to it.  There is no Print or Save button on the Results page above.  There is no "Find Everywhere" Report on the Reports > Lists > All Reports menu.  There should be!  I hope that they add this Report to the list soon.

I right-clicked on the Results window in my Chrome browser, and had the option to Print the file, or Add it to Evernote 4.0.  I can print it as formatted from Evernote 4.0.  In the Print screen, I can Print it to a file, but my system only permitted a .pm file...which I cannot open with Notepad or anything else I know of.  I could highlight all of the text, hit Ctrl-C to copy and then Paste it into a document.

What uses have you found for this "Find Everywhere" report?  

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Andrew Kemp said...

Hi Randy,

I use it for data cleanup and as such the interactivity of the report is fantastic.

Not sure why you would wish to print/save a copy when the other RM reports cover this requirement?