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Putting the Land Records Together for James Vaux (1787-1839)

I have discussed finding Erie County, New York land records on FamilySearch for my Underhill and Vaux ancestors in:

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It took me three visits to the Grantor and Grantee indexes on FamilySearch to find all of the deeds for my third great-grandparents, Amos Underhill and James Vaux, and my 4th great-grandfather, James Vaux.  I have only checked the 1808 to 1859 deed indexes so far, so there may still be additional deeds to find and analyze.  But I think I have them all for James Vaux, who died in 1839 back in Somerset, England after settling in Erie County by 1832, and going back to his birthplace in England on family business.

The next task in my research is to list the deeds, abstract them, and see if they tell me more about the lives of these families in New York.

The deeds for James Vaux (and his heirs) include:

*  Wilhem Willink & others to James Vaux, dated 16 June 1832, in Liber 13, page 318
*  Oren Treat to James Vaux, dated 15 November 1832, in Liber 67, page 19
*  Wilhem Willink & others to James Vaux, dated 15 November 1833, in Liber 35, page 427
*  Eliphalet Jones to James Vaux and James Vaux Jr., dated 7 January 1837, in Liber 40, page 520

I have found, saved, and named the images of the index pages and the deeds themselves to my computer digital filing system.

Here is an abstract that I've crafted for one of the deeds:

On 15 November 1833, James Vaux of Erie County, New York bought land from Wilhem Willink and others for $291.39.  The land was in Erie County, Township 9 (Aurora), Range 6, Lot 27, Northeast part, containing 55 and a half acres, more or less.  The land was bounded on the North by Lot 28 (15 chains, 4 links); East by Lot 19 (36 chains, 77 links); South by land of Lyman Letson (15 chains, 4 links); West by land deeded previously to James Vaux (37 chains, 5 links).  The deed was recorded 17 February 1834 in Genesee County and 20 February 1837 in Erie County.

This deed image looks like this:

There is a map of the land described in the deed:

Wilhem Willink and the others who were the party of the first part in this deed represented the Holland Land Company that had purchased, surveyed and were selling land in western New York.  More on the Holland Land Company can be found in

My next task is to try to find this exact land location on a plat map of the township (Township 9 was named Aurora at some point in time).

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Magda said...

Randy, Wilhem Willink was the owner of the original Holland Land Purchase in Erie County so Mr. Vaux was one of the original settlers in Erie County.

Magda said...

Oops ! I thought I typed everything and it jumped to the " post your comments " section before I looked - as you already know about the Holland Land Purchase History , there is an interesting museum called the Holland Land Office Museum in Batavia, NY . Aurora is still there but part of East Aurora now and quite a picturesque thriving village. If Vaud died in England, then I assume you do not need graveyard pictures ?