Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Making a Photo Tree in RootsMagic 6

I was looking at all of the chart and report options in RootsMagic 6 today, and did some experimentation.

One chart that I had not made with any program is a Photo tree - because I had not added photos to my database until this past year.

In RootsMagic 6, I made this Photo Tree using this keystroke process:

*  Reports link
*  Charts item on Reports dropdown list
*  Photo Tree item on Charts dropdown list
*  Select Start Person from index
*  Create a Title
*  Check Layout and Fonts - modify as desired
*  Click on Generate Report

Here is the finished Photo Tree:

I kind of like this - I would like to have more lines for at least birth-death years, and would like to have four generations or even five.

I'll go see what a photo tree looks like in Legacy Family Tree 7.5 and family Tree Maker 2012 in the near future.

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