Friday, February 8, 2013

Congratulations, Dona Ritchie! You're the Winner

I've been late in announcing the winner of the Win a FREE Registration to RootsTech (21-23 March 2013) contest I ran starting on 24 January 2013.  Suffice it to say that I have reasons...

The winner is Dona Ritchie!  

I had 14 entries from 24 January to 3 February (since entrants had already made plans to attend RootsTech) and used the random number generator at to pick the winner.  It came up #7.  Dona was number 7.  

I contacted Dona and gave her the RootsTech registration promotional code, and I think that she has used it (or will).

Dona's entry said:

1)  "The lecture I really need to attend (the title is so intriguing): Anne Metcalf's 'Have Something to Share? Create Your Own Online Research Class'" 

2) "The Vendor I need to see: Gold Bug Software, so I can bug (pun intended) them yet again about coding a version for the Mac. It's been YEARS and they still haven't done it!"

Okay, Dona, we'll see you at RootsTech 2013!  Please stop by the Media Center and say hello to me and we'll get a picture together.

My thanks to RootsTech for sponsoring this contest and making Dona a happy conference-goer!!


GeneJ said...
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GeneJ said...

Yeah, Dona Richie! And thank you from all of us, Randy.