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Family Tree Builder 7.0 Software Synchronization with MyHeritage Family Tree - Post 2

MyHeritage released the FREE Family Tree Builder Version 7.0 genealogy software last week (see my post MyHeritage Releases Family Tree Builder 7.0 - New Features are Sync System and Record Matches).  

One of the NEW features in the Family Tree Builder 7.0 software was the ability to synchronize ("sync") with a user's MyHeritage Family Tree - meaning a user can change something online in their MyHeritage Family Tree, or change something in the FTB software, and click on the "Sync" button in FTB 7.0 to make the MyHeritage Family tree data match the Family Tree Builder software data. Heritage described the sync feature this way:

"All family tree information is synchronized, including photos, videos, audio files, notes, sources, citations and other information, except private information such as DNA markers which never leaves the user’s computer. The family history data can now be privately and securely viewed, edited and expanded from any device - the user’s computer, the user’s online family site on MyHeritage – or via the free MyHeritage mobile apps for iPad, iPhone and Android. Users have full control of who can be granted permission to view or add information. The new sync system also provides a backup of the users’ precious data."

I was one of the Beta testers for this feature, and determined that it worked, but did not write about it at the time.  Now I can write about it, and I believe that no other genealogy blogger (other than the MyHeritage folks) have written about it in much detail.  

I want to cover the Sync feature in two posts - the first is in 
Family Tree Builder 7.0 Software Synchronization with MyHeritage Family Tree - Post 1.  In the post I edited some data and added several photos for two of my ancestors.

This post covers the actual Synchronization (Sync) process.

1)  At the end of the first post, I had added the information and photos, but it was added to the MyHeritage website.  Here is the screen in Family Tree Builder 7.0 before I did a sync:

As you can see, the screen above does not show the added and edited information for Samuel Vaux and Mary Ann (Underhill) Vaux.  At this point I had not "Synced" the two files - the changes were on my MyHeritage website but not in Family Tree Builder 7.0.

2)  To Sync the two databases, in Family Tree Builder 7.0 I clicked on the "Sync" button in the second menu bar (it's between "Maps" and "Family site").  That started the Sync process, which has four steps:

Step 1 is "Retrieving and applying updates from your Family Site."

I don't know what Step 2 is - the screen flashed by too fast!
Step 2 is "Preparing to Sync to your Family Site."

Step 3 is "Updating changes to the Family Site:"

You can see on the screen above that the changes to my Family Tree Builder database were made after Step 2.

Step 4 is "Processing changes uploaded to the Family Site:"

3)  After the Sync was completed, the added and edited data are in my Family Tree Builder 7.0 database:

I clicked on the "Profile" link for Samuel Vaux, and saw:

The added and edited data are there.  Hmmm, there are no Photos there.  I uploaded three photos.

4)  What about on the MyHeritage Profile for Samuel Vaux?  Here it is:

The added and edited data is there.  But there are no Photos shown, even though I added them to three Events in the first post of this series.  The seventh screen (second to last) shows the three photos on MyHeritage.  What happened to them?

5) I have no idea why the Photos didn't appear on either the FTB Profile or on the MyHeritage profile.  It may have been "user error" (but I know they uploaded somewhere because I saw thumbnail images of them in the first post).

I need to work more on this, I'll try it again.

UPDATED 12 noon:  I added one photo to the Burial Event, and it uploaded to both my MyHeritage site and my Family Tree Builder database.  I'll do more testing.

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