Wednesday, May 1, 2013

MyHeritage Adds 1790 to 1930 United States Census Records

MyHeritage announced today, in MyHeritage: All U.S. Census Records Now Available on the MyHeritage blog, that they have added the 1790 to 1930 United States census records to their collection.  In 2012, MyHeritage added the 1940 U.S. Census.

So now MyHeritage has a complete U.S. federal census collection, with searches, record summaries, and record images.  This is a really major step in making MyHeritage a viable record collection company for United States customers.

It also makes MyHeritage a real competitor with (which also has a complete collection of  records and images, with a sophisticated search capability).  I love competition, and I know that it makes all of the companies better - and their customers also.  That's you and me, folks.

When I heard this today, I said to myself "self, I wonder if Record Matches on MyHeritage provide these results?"

The answer is yes - the Record Match feature, which takes the persons in my MyHeritage Family Tree and looks in the MyHeritage record collections for matches - I found Record Matches for the 1850 to 1940 U.S. census records.  Here is a screen shot from my Record Matches list:

Other census collections are listed on this page below this part of the screen.  The Record Match feature found:

*  1850 U.S. Census - 4 matches
*  1860 U.S. Census - 7 matches
*  1870 U.S. Census - 5 matches
*  1880 U.S. Census - 95 matches
*  1900 U.S. Census - 588 matches
*  1910 U.S. Census - 97 matches
*  1920 U.S. Census - 78 matches
*  1930 U.S. Census - 142 matches
*  1940 U.S. Census - 64 matches.

I know that I have more people (40,000 persons) in my MyHeritage database for the earlier census years (before 1900), and I'm guessing that the Record Match feature is still working.

I went to the Research tab on the MyHeritage page, selected the 1850 U.s. Census, and entered Last name = "seaver" in the field, and chose exact matches.  I received 855 matches.

The searches for the 1790 to 1840 U.S. Census records also worked.

I will have more about the search capability, the source information, and getting to the record images in future posts.

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Anonymous said...

Randy, MyHeritage does NOT have a complete 1940 census index yet.

You can see what states it has complete, which it is working on, and which it still has to begin indexing by going to and then clicking on "See available states and territories."