Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Family Tree Builder 7.0 Software Synchronization with MyHeritage Family Tree - Post 3

 MyHeritage released the FREE Family Tree Builder Version 7.0 genealogy software last week (see my post MyHeritage Releases Family Tree Builder 7.0 - New Features are Sync System and Record Matches).  

One of the NEW features in the Family Tree Builder 7.0 software was the ability to synchronize ("sync") with a user's MyHeritage Family Tree - meaning a user can change something online in their MyHeritage Family Tree, or change something in the FTB software, and click on the "Sync" button in FTB 7.0 to make the MyHeritage Family tree data match the Family Tree Builder software data. Heritage described the sync feature this way:

"All family tree information is synchronized, including photos, videos, audio files, notes, sources, citations and other information, except private information such as DNA markers which never leaves the user’s computer. The family history data can now be privately and securely viewed, edited and expanded from any device - the user’s computer, the user’s online family site on MyHeritage – or via the free MyHeritagemobile apps for iPad, iPhone and Android. Users have full control of who can be granted permission to view or add information. The new sync system also provides a backup of the users’ precious data." 

Earlier posts in this series are:

*  In Family Tree Builder 7.0 Software Synchronization with MyHeritage Family Tree - Post 1.  In the post I edited some data and added several photos for two of my ancestors from the Events page.  

*  In Family Tree Builder 7.0 Software Synchronization with MyHeritage Family Tree - Post 2, I synchronized the Family Tree Builder 7.0 software with my MyHeritage Family Tree.  However, I found that the Photos did not upload to MyHeritage and did not show up in Family Tree Builder for some reason.  I was puzzled by that, but now I think that I have figured it out.  

After the second post, I went into Family Tree Builder 7.0 and tried uploading Photos from the Person profile rather than the Event page.  I received a message that:

Your files are being uploaded
MyHeritage.com will now detect faces in your photos, automatically. This may take a little while.

We will email you at rjseaver@cox.net as soon as this is complete."

I received the email overnight...so today I checked on the MyHeritage site, and all of the Photos uploaded yesterday were there - including several duplicates (because I attached them one at a time to Birth, Death and Burial Events for two different people).

1)  When I opened MyHeritage today, I saw on my "Photos" tab:

From what I can tell, all of the Photos go FIRST to my MyHeritage website without being linked to an Event.  I then have to TAG the image to one or more persons.

I have two trees on MyHeritage, but only one in Family Tree Builder 7.0 at this time.  One is my big database from 2011, and the other is my ancestral families from 2013 (which has updated information).  So I need to make sure to get the Photo images into the right tree on MyHeritage - the one that I'm syncing with FTB 7.0.

2)  I tagged each image by clicking on each one, then on the screen below I clicked on the blue "Add a person" in the "In the photo" area on the right.  That opened the popup box headed "Set the position and enter the name of the person in this photo".  I typed in the name "samuel vaux" and a list of about 10 persons with that name on my MyHeritage website (in BOTH databases) appeared.:

On the image above, you can see that Samuel Vaux (1816-1880) appears twice.  If I select the highlighted one (at the bottom), that is the one in my FTB 7.0 database.  If I select that, it should sync back to Family Tree Builder 7.0.

I did the same process for the other images I have for Samuel Vaux, adding a total of seven images.  Then I checked the Profile page for Samuel Vaux in my "Seaver-Leland Family Tree" database:

As you can see, the seven images are attached to the Person Profile.  However, they are not attached to Events.

3)  I wanted to see if the Photos would be synchronized to my Family Tree Builder 7.0 database.  Here is the Family Tree view in FTB 7.0:

The "Project is out of sync" informs me that I should sync before I do anything else.  So I did.  It didn't take long.

4)  Here is the Profile page for Samuel Vaux (1816-1880) when I click on his "Profile" link:

All of the Photo images are there, and in the same order.  That was no surprise to me - the above image connects directly to the MyHeritage Person Profile page on the website.

5)  All of those Photos should appear in the "Photos" menu button:

I have no clue why the Photos didn't show up - I picked "All People."  I went to the Search field and typed in Samuel Vaux and there were no Photos for him.  I looked at the Family Tree Builder 7.0 manual (from the "Help" link) and it didn't help me much - it says I should be able to see the Photos.

6)  So my Lessons Learned here are:

*  There is a Family Tree Builder 7.0 Help manual - you have to download it (only 482 pages) and then try to find what you want to do.

*  It takes quite awhile (at least 10 hours yesterday) for Photos attached in FTB 7.0, then synced to MyHeritage, to be reviewed and approved by the website.

*  Tagging the Photos can be done in MyHeritage to specific persons.  More than one person can be tagged in an image.

*  If you have more than one family tree database on the MyHeritage website, you need to make sure that you Tag the Photo to the right person in the right database.

*  It's a good idea to do testing, RTFM, and consult with experts before you write and complain about it online.

My thanks to MyHeritage personnel for contacting me yesterday about my problems.  They have been very responsive to me, and I appreciate it.

The URL for this post is:  http://www.geneamusings.com/2013/04/family-tree-builder-70-software_30.html

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Missy said...

I'm getting confused with all of the online family tree programs and was wondering if you had a preference for one over another. Right now, I've been using Ancestry.com (so expensive) and I'm not sure if one day when I may not be able to afford to continue with their subscription that I won't be able to see even my own family tree that I've been working on for so long.

I'm not sure I like the idea of WikiTree or FamilySearch, where it's one tree that all people work on. What is your take on those types of trees? And how do you find the time to put up multiple trees.

This is beginning to feel like insaneness (if that's a word).

Thanks for your time. I am a new subscriber and love your very informative blog.

Missy Ivey
(Orange, Texas)

Christine M. said...

Randy: when I attach a person-specific photo to the MyHeritage site, I usually go into the "Events" under the persons profile. Then under that specific event, I click on "Add Photo" & the photo will be attached to an event.
One caveat, though: if you tag other people on the photo (like in a census), the photo will *not* show up under the tagged person's event. It will, however, show up under that tagged person.
Also, I, too, have had issues with info not showing up after using the sync feature from the site to FTB.

Ermarwen said...
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Ermarwen said...

I have the latest version 7.0 of Family Heritage. I continue to have this problem from a year ago. Whenever I tried to "sync" so that my updates would be published, I could get as far as 73% of Step 4:Processing Changes Uploaded to the Family Site. It would not go any further. Is this a subtle way of the site suggesting that I upgrade and pay up (am using the free subscription)? I did get an alert that I am nearing my limit. Any suggestions on how I can get past the 73% (seems to be stuck at that) would be much appreciated. Thank you.

vancouver guy said...
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