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Treasure Chest Thursday - Post 178: Frederick W. Seaver (1876-1942) Death Certificate

It's Treasure Chest Thursday - time to showcase some of the collected documents and other treasures of my ancestors.

Here is the Record of Death certificate for my grandfather, Frederick Walton Seaver (1876-1942), obtained from the Lawrence (Mass.) City Clerk by my cousin Virginia in 1996:

The transcription of this death certificate is (typed portions underlined, handwritten portions in italics):

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

CITY OF LAWRENCE  ____________________________ COUNTY OF ESSEX

I hereby certify that the following is a true and compared copy of a Record of Death as Recorded in the original Records of the City of Lawrence, Massachusetts, which are in the custody of the City Clerk of said city.  This death is duly recorded in the Official Death Records of said city in Book   20   Page   100   No.    228   .

Name:  Frederick W. Seaver, Sr.
Age  65  Yrs   5  Mos.  4  Days    Date of Death:  March 13, 1942
Sex:   Male   Color:  ---   Condition:  Married
Disease or Cause of Death:  Cancer Prostate.
Place of Burial:  Evergreen Cemetery, Leominster, MA
Residence:  Clinton Street, Salem, N.H.
Place of Death:  General Hospital, Lawrence, MA
Occupation:  Supt.
Place of Birth:  Leominster, MA
Name and Birthplace of Father:  Frank W. Seaver, Westminster, MA
Name and Birthplace of Mother:  Harriet L. Hildreth, Northboro, MA
Date of Record:  March 18, 1942
Informant:  Douglas & Dewhirst, Methuen, MA

I, James McGravey City Clerk of said City of Lawrence, Massachusetts, hereby depose and say that the original Records of Deaths of said city are in my custody and that the above is a true and attested extract from said Records.

Witness my hand and seal of the said City of Lawrence, Massachusetts this 20th day of December in the year Nineteen Hundred and Ninety-Six  A.D.
                                                                 James McGravey
                                                                 CITY CLERK


The only error I see on this document is the birthplace of Frederick's father, Frank W. Seaver.  It was in Medfield, Massachusetts and not in Westminster.  

The source citation for this death certificate is (using the Evidence Explained template for a Death Certificate, local level):

Frederick W. Seaver, Sr., record of death - no number; extracted from Book 20, Page 100, No. 228 (13 March 1942, obtained 20 December 1996), City Clerk's Office, Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts.

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