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Follow-Up Friday - Interesting and Helpful Reader Comments

It's been several weeks since I've posted a Follow-up Friday column - I'll try to hit the high points:

1)  On First Look at Legacy Family Tree Version 8.0 - Post 11: Migration Mapping Chart (posted 18 December 2013):

a.  Geolover asked:  "The timeline mapping is a nice feature.  Can the pins be moved to the right places? In your first screenshot with pins it looks like all of them are a bit south of actual locations."

b.  Geoff answered:  "As you zoom in, the pins appear to be in the correct places. Legacy does attempt to automatically resolve the locations so there's not much that you manually have to do."

c.  bgwiehle commented:  "It would be an interesting option if the places were linked with lines (ideally the most likely or actual routes taken) and if the intervals in the animation had some kind of count showing length of residence at each location."

My comment:  My observation is that the round pin head is centered on the correct place, and the pin point is not.  I always expect the pin point to be on the location.  bgwiehle's suggestion is interesting - some sort of popup showing a path (even if it's a straight line) and the length of time in one place would be useful.

2)  On "What good is it to access a newspaper image on, and not be able to see it after my subscription runs out?" (posted 16 December 2013):

a.  Rorey Cathcart noted:  "While I realize this a response to an specific question it applies to all subscription services.  I learned the hard way to always 'capture' an image of the resource, i.e. census, article, vitals. This way you'll be able to access it whether your subscription lapses or the site is down or you just don't have an internet connection that day.

"Having a desktop program to which you can attach those images is helpful for organization but not essential. The biggest problems are space and naming conventions so you can find the image again. The first is easily solved with a large external hard drive, relatively cheap these days. The second is a little more tricky because it is often more personalized. If you use a photo program such as Windows Photo Gallery with the ability to add tags, it makes the naming less complicated and finding the images again much easier via tags for surname, location, etc."

My comment:  Excellent observations, and suggestions.

b.  Sara Gredler commented:  "Your post is one reason that I have a desktop family tree program and download everything from all family history sites, subscription or no, onto my hard drive. I want to be able to do my genealogy without an Internet connection."

c.  McElrea ONS asked:  "And what are the rules for using the Shoebox option?"

My comment:  The Online Help article for The Shoebox says:
"In order to view the records in your shoebox you must have a current paid subscription."

a.  Chris offered:  "I think the last column is occupation. Entries 88, 97 and 98 have no ages and the last column is Dødfødt which is stillborn. Record 93 is fattig which means poor. Dødfødt, gammel (old) and fattig are the same words in Danish."

My comment:  Thank you!  All I need for Christmas is a good Norwegian/English dictionary and someone to read the handwriting!

b.  Vinny said:  "Thanks Randy for letting know. Even I didn't know that some of the Norwegian church parish register books have been digitized. I'm glad to learn such educative lessons and looking forward to learn more about such records."

My comment:  Good luck with your learning.  There are so many announcements about digitized records every year, and I can't remember all of them all of the time.  

a.  Grandpa Landmeier noted:  "Randy, I am always concerned that things that are available today may not be available tomorrow. As a Family History Center Director I was recently required to send certain films back to Salt Lake since British Columbia had removed their public access for those records. I suspect that is why films are on LOAN and not owned by local centers."

My comment:  Excellent observation, and my guess is that this happens occasionally.  

a.  NEnglerth asked:  "If these are your ancestors your are researching, then we are related. Last night I found your post about Adam Mott and today I find Henry Tucker. How about the Allens and Slocums?"

My comment:  You can see an almost up-to-date list of my Amanuensis Monday posts at  I do have Allen and Slocum ancestors on the list.  Are any of them yours?

6)  That covers the comments I found most helpful over the past two or three weeks.  

My thanks to all of my readers who are persistent enough to overcome the Captcha trap (I can't imagine how many spam and obscene comments are prevented by it!) - it is necessary for my sanity.  

I do get several other spam comments every day that Blogger puts in the spam folder - why do these people do this?  What a waste of time!

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