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(Not So) Wordless Wednesday - Post 287: Bjorg and Linda in the Rain at Gjelle Farm in Norway

I'm posting family photographs from my collection on Wednesdays, but they aren't Wordless Wednesday posts like others do - I am incapable of having a wordless post.

Here is a photograph taken on our 1999 vacation/genealogy trip to Scandinavia (three weeks in Sweden, Finland and Norway):

It was a damp and gloomy day in Norway in August 1999 when Linda and I visited Gjelle farm in Voss, Norway with Linda's distant cousin, Bjorg Liland (on the left).

We are standing on the road on Gjelle farm above the southeastern bank of the Voss Vangnet, with the main part of Voss in the background on the northeastern bank of the lake.  When the weather is clear, this is THE picture postcard spot for Voss - it's green in summer, and white in winter - the mountain in back of Voss has a ski resort at the top.

Bjorg Liland had been married to one of the owners of Liland farm (at the west end of the lake), but was not married at the time.  She had been involved with owning and running the Park Liland Hotel in beautiful downtown Voss and knew all about the Liland family and Voss.  Did I mention that Linda's maiden name was Leland?  See the connection?

We arrived in Voss on a Friday afternoon on the train, and I had been given Bjorg's phone number by a correspondent who had met her the year before while visiting Voss for genealogy reasons - she was also a descendant of Liland farm.  I called on Friday night, and Bjorg agreed to meet us and take us out to Liland farm for a visit.  She enjoyed doing this, and we certainly appreciated her kindness!  We visited Gjelle first because I wanted to take some touristy pictures of Voss - and the above is the result (you can't get gloom out of a picture!).  

After visiting Gjelle farm, we drove around the south side of the lake to Liland farm, visited the Liland family there, and continued around the lake on the north side to Molster farm, which was a living history site with a museum and docents describing living on the farm in the 1850s.

For thousands of pictures of Voss, visit Svein Ulvund's Voss Now website,  He has a photo archive online back to 2000, and goes out almost every day and takes photographs and posts them daily on his site.  This past week he has posted pictures of snowy Voss from Gjelle, and most summers he has beautiful green pictures of Gjelle farm and Voss from Gjelle farm.

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