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Treasure Chest Thursday - Post 193: Death Certificate for Betty Virginia (Carringer) Seaver

It's Treasure Chest Thursday - time to look in my digital image files to see what treasures I can find for my family history and genealogy musings.

The treasure today is Betty (Carringer) Seaver (1919-2002) death certificate in San Diego county, California:

The transcription of this death certificate is (form fields underlined, handwritten portions in italics):

___________________         CERTIFICATE OF DEATH              3  200237 000283             
State File Number                      State of California                         Local Registration Number

Decedent Personal Data:
1.  Name of Decedent - First (Given):  Betty
2.  Middle:  Virginia
3.  Last (Family):  Seaver
4.  Date of Birth:  07/31/1919
5.  Age Yrs: 82
6.  Sex:  F
7.  Date of Death:  01/04/2002
8.  Time:  0750
9.  State of birth:  CA
10. Social Security No.: XXX-XX-XXXX
11. Military Service:  no
12.  Marital Status: Widowed
13.  Education - Years completed:  16
14.  Race:  White
15.  Hispanic - Specify:  No
16.  Usual Employer:  Self Employed
17.  Occupation:  Artist
18.  Kind of Business:  Art
19.  Years in Occupation:  60

Usual Residence:
20.  Residence - Street and Number or Location:  825 Harbor View Place
21.  City:  San Diego
22. County:  San Diego
23.  Zip Code:  92106
24.  Years in County:  82
25.  State or Foreign Country:  CA

26.  Name, Relationship:  Randy Seaver, Son
27.  Mailing Address: 1154 Via Trieste; Chula Vista, CA 91911

Spouse and Parent Information:
28.  Name of Surviving Spouse - First:  -  
29.  Middle:  -  
30.  Last:  -  
31.  Name of Father - First:  Lyle
32.  Middle:  L.
33.  Last:  Carringer
34.  Birth State:  CA
35.  Name of Mother - first:  Emily
36.  Middle:  K.
37.  Last:  Auble
38.  Birth State:  IL

39.  Date:  01/10/2002
40.  Place of Final Disposition:  Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery; San Diego, CA 92106

Funeral Director and Local Registrar:
41.  Type of Disposition(s):  CR/BU
42.  Signature of Embalmer:  Not embalmed
43.  License No.   -  
44.  Name of Funeral Director:  The Neptune Society
45.  License No.:  FD1352
46.  Signature of Local Registrar:  George R. Flores MD
47.  Date:  01/10/2002

Place of Death:
101.  Place of Death:  Son's Residence
102:  If hospital, Specify One: [none checked]
103:  Facility other than hospital:  [none checked]
104.  County:  San Diego
105.  Address:  1988 Donahue Drive
106.  City:  El Cajon

Cause of Death:
107.  Death Was Caused By:  
           Immediate Cause (A): Lung Cancer; 3 mons
108.  Death Reported to Coroner:  No
109:  Biopsy Performed:  No
110.  Autopsy Performed:  No
111.  Used in Determining Cause:  [left blank]
112. Other Significant conditions Contributing to Death:  None
113.  Was Operation Performed for Any Condition in Item 107 or 112?:  None

Physician's Certification:
114.  I Certify That to the best of my knowledge that death occurred at the hour, date and place stated from the causes stated.  Decedent attended since 07/01/2001, decedent last seen alive 12/20/2001
115.  Signature and Title of Certifer:  C. Redfern MD
116.  Attending Physician's Name, Mailing Address, Zip:  Charles Redfern, MD 8008 Frost St. #300; San Diego CA 92123

Coroner's Use Only:
nothing entered.

Date Issued:  January 11, 2002
George R. Flores, Registrar of Vital Records, County of San Diego

The source citation for this death certificate is (using the Evidence Explained template for a Death Certificate, local level):

Betty Virginia Seaver, Death Certificate, Local Registration No. 7 200237 000283 (2002), Registrar of Vital Records, San Diego County, California.

I see no known errors on this death certificate.

This death certificate was obtained by me after 11 January 2002 by postal mail from the County Registrar of vital Records.

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Copyright (c) 2013, Randall J. Seaver

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