Friday, April 4, 2014 Has More Beautiful Multi-Generation Charts

The Ancestry Insider's post yesterday, CreateFan Offers New Charts, Features, alerted me to the addition of several new features and new charts to the website.

After logging into, and identifying the ID number of the #1 person for the charts (I chose me), I created a chart for each of the available options.  Readers should realize that these charts are created from the FamilySearch Family Tree, so you will have to be in the Family Tree and have matched to ancestors in the Family Tree.  [Note:  Some of the ancestors in my line in the Family Tree are incorrect - so the charts below are not always accurate.  I still need to fix them.]

There are now 7 different charts available.  Note - all but the Word Cloud save as PDF files.  I used the Windows Snipping Tool to create JPG images of them to post here.  The resolution on the photos do not reflect the resolution of the full-size PDF chart.  I've added the full size of the PDF charts and the file size of the PDF file below:

1)  The 9-generation color fan chart (PDF is 33.5" by 22.5", 522 kb):

2)  The 9-generation black and white fan chart (PDF is 33.5" by 22.5", 634 kb):

3)  The 7-generation color fan chart (PDF is 33.5" by 22.5", 634 kb):

4)  The 4-generation photo chart (I need to add photos! PDF is 8.5" by 11.0", 56 kb):

5)  The 9-generation pedigree chart (PDF is 22.5" by 25.0", 48 kb):

6)  The 4-generation pedigree chart PDF is 8.5" by 11.0", 15 kb):

7)  The First Name word cloud (PNG file is 11.0" by 8.5", 137 kb):

In addition, the CreateFan page has two more features - the "Create Chart from GEDCOM File" (which I will report on in a separate post) and the Source Tracker (which I reported on in  FamilySearch Family Tree Census Source Tracker on 4 March 2014).

The "Create Chart from GEDCOM File" capability will permit persons who are not using FamilySearch Family Tree to use the chart making feature.  I don't know (yet) which of the charts it will create from the GEDCOM file.

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Michigan Girl said...

Thanks for that post Randy. I am anxious to see the chart that can be created from the GEDCOM as I don't have a tree on Family Search and don't plan to have one. I also don't use the linking feature in Legacy. I do use FS to find wonderful records though.


Martin Stead said...

Take a look at It accepts GEDCOM and produces great looking charts. More flexible than CreateFan - you can include almost any information in each segment of a fan chart. The charts are highly configurable to give you a wide choice of appearance. You can see samples at