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Dear Randy: Can I Add a Source to my Software Program From FamilySearch Family Tree Sources? - Post 2: Legacy Family Tree

I was asked this question in comments on another blog post yesterday about Legacy Family Tree 8 genealogy software, and I didn't know if it could be done in any program yet using the synchronization of a source-certified program with the FamilySearch Family Tree.

I was able to do it in RootsMagic 6 yesterday, and reported on it in Dear Randy: Can I Add a Source to my Software Program From FamilySearch Family Tree Sources? -- Post 1" 

Now to determine if Legacy Family Tree 8 can do this task also:

1)  I decided to do the exact same person and event already in my Legacy Family Tree database (but not totally updated to match the RootsMagic database), and the exact same source in the FamilySearch Family Tree but not in the LFT database.

Here is the "Family View" for Georgianna (Kemp) Auble (1868-1952) in Legacy Family Tree 8:

The icon to compare and match information between Legacy Family Tree 8 and the FamilySearch Family Tree is the red "right-left arrows" in the same frame as the person's name, on the far right side of the frame.  You can see it on every person on the screen above.

2)  I clicked on the red "right-left arrows" icon for Georgianna Kemp, and the Legacy FamilySearch Program opened.  After logging into FamilySearch, this program showed "Share Data" tab with the information for "My Legacy Person" on the left side of the screen, and the "Family Tree Person" on the right side of the screen:

The "Sources" tab shows 9 sources in the FamilySearch Family Tree on the screen above.

3)  I clicked on the "Sources" tab and see "My Legacy Sources" are on the left-hand side of the screen, and the "FamilySearch Sources" are on the right-hand side of the screen:

On the screen above, note that I do not have a 1920 U.S. Census source in my Legacy Family Tree data file for Georgianna (Kemp) Auble.  So I found the 1920 U.S. Census item on the "FamilySearch Sources" list (it's the second one down - I had to move the columns to the right to see it).

4)  To add the "FamilySearch Source" to Legacy Family Tree, I have to click on the left arrow beside the source entry in the "FamilySearch Sources" list.  When I do that, I got this message:

The message says:  "Downloading of sources from FamilySearch to Legacy will be coming soon."

5)  That answers my correspondent's question, which also noted that he couldn't get it to download using the free Legacy Family Tree version, and wondered if the paid Legacy Family Tree version 8 could do the task.  Nope.

I hope that Legacy Family Tree quickly implements this capability and that it works as well as the feature that adds sources to FamilySearch Family Tree from Legacy Family Tree, as I demonstrated  in Legacy Family Tree 8.0 Adds FamilySearch-Certified Tools - Sources (11 February 2014).

When they do, I will report on it to determine that the transferred source is attached to the Fact, the selected source template, and the form of the source citation.

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UPDATED 11 April:  Received an email from Geoff Rasmussen saying that they were working on this task, and hope to implement it soon.  Thank you, Geoff!

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