Thursday, July 3, 2014

Deleting an Attached Photo From an Ancestry Member Tree

I use one of my Ancestry Member Trees to find records, photos and stories of my ancestors that I may have missed by searching.  I have almost completed looking for useful Hints up to my 5th great-grandparents.  It is impossible to check every database and online family tree - the Ancestry Hints are a great way to find  additional information.

In this process today, I found a gravestone photo for Elizabeth Sovereen attached to Elizabeth Putman (1820-1895), my third great-grandmother, wife of Alexander Sovereen (1814-1907).  The gravestone is in norfolk county, Ontario where my Kemp, Sovereen, Putman, Hutchinson and several other families resided after the Revoultionary War.

Without looking carefully at the photograph, I attached the Photo to my entry for Elizabeth Putman.

Then I looked closely at the photograph.  The gravestone in the photograph clearly says "Wife of Jacob Sovereen" with a death date of 1849, and not "wife of alexander Sovereen" with a death date of 1895.  Oops.

I checked my Ancestry Member Tree for Jacob Sovereen (Alexander's grandfather) and saw that his wife was Elizabeth Pickle (1764-1849).

So I attached the photo to the wrong person.  How do I fix it?  I want to delete the Photo from Elizabeth Putman's profile and add it to Elizabeth Pickle's profile.

I looked all over the Media Gallery tab trying to figure out how to Delete the photo.  Finally, I clicked on the Photo itself, and the page for the Photo opened and in the "Tools" column to the right of the Photo is a "Delete" link:

I clicked on it, and clicked on the orange "Remove" button and then went back to Elizabeth Putman's profile page:

The Photo is not there.  That worked.

Now I need to contact the owner of the Photo and tell him that it is attached to the wrong person, and suggest he change the Photo title and attach it to the right person, Elizabeth (Pickle) Sovereen (1764-1849).

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