Sunday, February 15, 2015

FGS/RootsTech 2015 Geneablogger After-Party Photos - Post 1

Here are some of the photographs I took during the Geneabloggers after-party at the home of Pat and Grodon Richley-Erickson on Saturday night, 14 February.  There were about 40 in attendance and a great time was had by all!

The meal was delicious - lasagna, breadsticks, salad (all from Olive Garden), fresh veggies, plus yummy desserts and Valentine's candy.

1)  Here is Pat set up in her living room hosting the Genealogy Game Night Hangout On Air, with Sharn White (from Australia), Hilary Gadsby (from Wales) and Thomas MacEntee (from Chicago) on the couch.  There are a number of others in the background.

2)  "Cousin Russ," AKA Russ Worthington, was set up in Pat's study to produce the Hangout On Air:

3)  Roger Moffat (an ex-Kiwi) and Lisa Christensen (from Michigan) - check out Roger's shirt:

4)  Jill Ball (from Australia) and A.C. Ivory (from Utah):

5)  Pauleen Cass (from Australia) and Sharn White (from Australia):

6)  Thomas MacEntee (from Chicago) and Laurie Desmarais (from Arizona):

7)  Tessa Keough (from Oregon), Jen Alford (from Ohio) and Terri O'Connell (from Chicago):

More to come, since these are fairly large files.

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Jacqi Stevens said...

So jealous! Thanks for posting the pics, helps...a little. You all must have had a blast!

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Great photos Randy, thanks for posting.