Friday, February 13, 2015

RootsTech Expo Hall Photos #2

Here are some more photos from the Friday events at the FGS/RootsTech 2015 Conference:

1)  I was interviewed by Amy McDonald, a local Utah reporter, while we were waiting for the Keynote talks with D. Joshua Taylor, Laura Bush and Jenna (Bush) Hager to begin.  Paul Hawthorne is on the left, Amy on the right:

1)  In the RootsTech Keynote, here are Cherie Passey (with her eyes closed, sorry!), Laurie Desmarias, and Caitlin Gow, with Lisa Louise Cooke in the background:

3)  In the row behind me, are Dick Eastman, Roger Moffat and Paul Hawthorne, plus 8000 others:

4)  I really enjoyed the stories and insights of Laura (Welch) Bush and Jenna (Bush) Hager during the Keynote address:

5)  Here's the dynamic Family Tree Maker duo, Russ Worthington and Duff Wilson of Ancestry:

6)  Scott Fisher, who has the Extreme Genes radio show on 24 stations and the Internet:

 I will have more photos later today and tomorrow.

This has been a busy day with the Keynotes, the Innovator Challenge, the Expo Hall, and talking to friends and colleagues.  Linda has been in the Expo Hall picking up freebies and buying genealogy stuff.

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