Thursday, February 12, 2015

RootsTech Expo Hall Photos Post #1

As I usually do, I sneak around the Expo Hall and take pictures of some of my favorite people.  Here are some of them:

1)  The original WikiChicks - Tami Osmer Mize and Eowyn Langhoff at the WikiTree exhibit:

2)  Paul Milner and Alan Phillips at the Unlock the Past Cruises exhibit (Alona sneaked out of the picture):

3)  Cory and Brian (with the Moose hat) at the exhibit:

4)  The Global Family Reunion exhibit has standup figures of Donny Osmond, Charlie Chaplin and Abraham Lincoln for photo opportunities.  Abe chose me:

5)  Jill Ball working hard at the Media hub:

6)  DearMYRTLE interviewing Jeff Haddon from HistoryLines with Russ Worthington as the producer:

More photos to come on Friday!

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1 comment: said...

Thanks for this post and letting us get a taste of RootsTech2015 AND put faces on some names we know. Gonna' get there some day.