Tuesday, February 10, 2015

We're Off to Salt Lake City Today!

This will be our 4th RootsTech adventure, and the 7th year in a row I've been to Salt Lake City and done at least some meaningful genealogical research at the Family History Library.

My schedule looks like this:

*  Tuesday, 10 February:  Arrive at 4:15 p.m. (scheduled), and go to the Hilton hotel in downtown Salt Lake City across from the Salt Palace.  Hopefully, they will have a wheelchair for me to push Linda around in.  If not, she'll have to use her walker.  We have a dinner engagement with genea-friends.

*  Wednesday, 11 February:  This is my research day at the FHL.  Rather than go to the FGS society day or the RootsTech Innovator Summit, I'll be in the library.  My experience is that this day has less library traffic due to the opening of the conference.  We have the FamilySearch Media dinner on the schedule tonight.  It will be interesting to see what "big" announcements there are from FamilySearch.

*  Thursday, 12 February:  I'm attending a FindMyPast breakfast before the Opening Keynote in the Salt Palace.  After the Keynote presentations, the Expo Hall will open and I need to stake out my place in the Media Hub.  I'll wait until there are classes in session to start making the rounds to the exhibits in the Expo Hall, taking pictures.  I will probably write a blog post or two during the day using the photos taken during the Expo rounds.  I try to talk to some of the entrepreneurs with a new product and highlight them on a daily basis.  The geneabloggers in the Media Hub have a great time discussing the events and watching the interviews in the "fishbowl" (the glass enclosed video interview area).  I'm going to the MyHeritage sponsored lunch at noon.  On Thursday night, there is a free Opening Social event in the Salt Palace with entertainment.  Somehow, we have to find a way to eat before we go.

*  Friday, 13 February:  After the Keynote presentations, I will attend the Innovator Showdown to pick the winner of the Innovator Challenge (the 8 semi-finalists are listed at  http://rootstech.org/showdown?lang=eng).  Then it's back to the Media Hub and more Expo Hall star-gazing.  We will probably skip the evening entertainment and have dinner with genea-friends.

*  Saturday, 14 February:  This will be the last day of the conference, and I may even get to a class or two.  I will also take last day photos and try to put some blog posts together.  I have a meeting in the afternoon with a friend.  In the evening, we're going to Pat Richley-Erickson's home in South Jordan via carpool - we're riding with Roger and Lisa, I think.  This was a blast last year, and being Valentine's Day, I'm sure Pat has something special planned.  Hopefully, we'll be able to get another big geneablogger picture with all 50 of us there.  I expect that there will be folks from the USA, Spain, England, Norway, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and maybe other countries.

*  Sunday, 15 February:  We head home, with an early afternoon flight that gets us into San Diego at about 2:30 p.m.

These jaunts always seem to fly by - and we're exhausted each night from the day's fun and activities.  I have prepared blog posts for most days, so that my readers don't "miss me" too much.
If you are at RootsTech/FGS, please stop by the Media Hub and say hello.  I always look forward to meeting my readers and other geneabloggers.

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Diane Gould Hall said...

Looking forward to reading all about your adventures Randy. Maybe next year I can make it?