Friday, February 13, 2015

RootsTech 2015 Expo Photos #3

Here are more photos from the RootsTech/FGS 2015 Conference Expo Hall:

1)  I finally met up with Caitlin Gow from Australia:

2)  The HistoryLines guys in their period dress outfits (I'm still trying to figure out the periods):

3)  Lisa Louise Cooke and her colleague Amy Urman at the Outside the Box exhibit (with short programs by Lisa, Janet Hovorka, Maureen Taylor and Denise Levenick):

4)  Janet Hovorka and her Social Media Director Michelle Phillips:

5)  The exhibit has a lot of attention - here are Jackie and Nina:

6)  Janice Sellers won my RootsTech 2015 free pass, and she visited me in the Media Hub:

7)  I visited the Global Family Reunion exhibit again and had my picture taken with Beyonce, who promptly fell over...she's really flat...and kinda wooden...and is probably A.J. Jacobs cousin too!

More photos to come on Saturday!

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