Thursday, May 28, 2015

My Saturday (6/6/15) Classes at SCGS Genealogy Jamboree

We are going to the Southern California Genealogy Jamboree next week (June 5-7) in Burbank, and I've been trying to decide on the classes I want to attend.  I took a survey several weeks ago and identified the classes, but I don't remember what I selected - I thought they sent me an email, but I can't find it.

So I used the SCGS 2015 mobile app to select my classes, and now they appear in the "My Schedule" part on the mobile app.

Here is the screen shot from the "My Schedule" tab on the app on my iPhone for Saturday, June 6:

It's a little cramped in portrait mode, and more spread out in landscape mode.  At least it tells me, in a cryptic fashion, where to go, who I'm hearing, and the topic.

My selected classes for Saturday are:

8:30 a.m.: SA003:  "Can a Complex Research Problem Be Solved Solely Online?" by Thomas W. Jones, in Pavilion 2.

10 a.m.:  SA011:  "Lutherpalians and Presbygationalists: Where Did Grandma's Church Go?" by Dave McDonald, in the Pasadena Room.

11:30 a.m.:  SA026:  "Magnificant, Magical, Mesmerizing Manuscript Collections" by Michael Lacopo in Academy 3 Room

2 p.m.: SA036:  "Leaving Brick Walls Behind You" by Eric Seiss in Academy 3 Room.

3:30 p.m.:  SA041:  "Treasure in Township Records" by Peggy Lauritzen in the Glendale Room.

5 p.m.:  SA049:  "Where is the Book with My Family in it?" by Drew Smith in Sunset A&B Rooms.

Those are my choice right now, they may change on the day.  Then there is the Exhibit Hall which is open all day, so I may forgo a class and cruise the exhibits, taking pictures and talking about vendor products.  Of course, I may meet friends, readers and geneabloggers in the hallways and have a chat and miss a class.  Who knows - I usually play it by ear.  My goal is to attend at least 50% of the selected classes each day so I feel like I get my registration money's worth.

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