Monday, June 8, 2015

Day 3 Wanderings at SCGS Jamboree

I have more photographs from Days 2 and 3 at the SCGS Genealogy Jamboree to share.  Here they are:

1)  Lunchtime at Jamboree is usually in the sun or shade between the buildings.  Here are five of the twelve CVGS members in attendance (Susan Z, Bethel and Tim in back, Susan H and Virginia in front):

2)  Alice Kane of NEHGS and me at the NEHGS exhibit area:

3)  The contestants in the "Dress Like an Ancestor" contest on Sunday:

4)  The two highest vote-getters - geneabloggers Jane Neff Rollins and Linda Harms Okazaki:

5)  The Immigrant Genealogical Society (in Burbank) exhibit (with Toni Perrone on the left behind the table):

6)  Lisa Louise Cooke presenting about maps in her little theater in the far right corner of the Exhibit Hall.  Lisa and Diahan Southard had several talks each day:

7)  The Next Gen Genealogists group met on Saturday afternoon in the Blogger Lounge, here are two photos:

That's almost all of the photographs that I have.  I will probably put an album together in Google+ Photos.  

I have an SCGS Jamboree Photos board on Pinterest at

Several attendees have posted photographs on their Facebook profiles or on Google+.  

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