Friday, July 24, 2015

Adding and Tagging Photos in everyStory, a Cloud-Based Story-Sharing Platform

I wrote everyStory, a Cloud-Based Story-Sharing Platform, Launches Open Beta several days ago, and now want to demonstrate how to add and tag photos in a "Group" (like an album).

I created a new Group in everyStory several days ago, and now want to add another new Group of family photographs.  I clicked on the "Create Group" link in the top menu and created a new Group, naming it "Seaver Family of San Diego."  Here is a screen shot of the "My Groups" page showing my two groups created so far:

I wanted to add photographs to the Seaver group, so I clicked on that Group and then clicked on the "Add Photos" link.  That opened a blank window that said "...please add some photos below by clicking 'Choose Files' or by simply dragging some photos from your file manager onto the large square labeled 'Drop Files Here.'"

Well, I looked carefully and didn't see a "Choose Files" button...may be it will be added later.

So I opened my File Manager and went to my Seaver family photos, reduced the size of the File Manager window, and dragged photos into the everyStory photo window:

When I did this, the file loaded into the "Add Photos" window:

However, I could not add another photo to that window.  I had to click "Done" then "Add Photos" and add more photos by dragging and dropping.

I could upload one or more photos into the "Add Photos" window by holding down the Ctrl key while picking from the File Manager window.

After uploading a number of photos, my "Seaver Family of San Diego" Group looked like this:

The next step was to "Tag" the photos with a caption or title.  On the top right of the screen above, it says "Shift-click photos to start tagging."

I shift-clicked one of the photos and was told to "...type the tag names below and press 'Add.'  When you are done, press 'Save' at the bottom of this popup (location and date tagging coming soon)."

I added a Caption for this photo:

I did several photos, and then realized that this Tagging system probably wants only names of persons, not a real caption with a date, a location and an event.   Oh well!

My "Seaver Family of San Diego" Group page looked like this now - the tagged items were on the left side of the screen:

I thought that by clicking on one of the tagged photos that it would show me the photo with the caption (or tag).  I clicked on a photo:

There is no caption shown, probably because there is not a "Caption" option, at least at this time.  

Like many websites in a Beta mode, this website is not totally intuitive for a person like me.  I expected to add a caption rather than tag the photos with names, dates and locations.  

I have some more questions:

*  Will there be a "Choose Files" option?

*  Why do I have to re-open the "Add Photos" window every time after I've uploaded some photos and want to add more photos?

*  Will there be a Tagging or Caption option that includes something more than name, date, location - like an Event description?  

*  Will the tag/caption show when the photo is highlighted full screen?

*  Is there a way to re-order the photos so that they can be in chronological order?

I emailed my contact at everyStory and asked some other questions about the program and the website.  I have some responses to my questions and will write a separate blog post about them and the answers to my questions above.

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