Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Family Tree Magazine: 101 Best Websites for Genealogy in 2015

For the 16th year, Family Tree Magazine has created a list of the 101 best websites for genealogy. 

 The 2015 list is at

The list is divided up into 16 categories:
The websites listed in each category are listed alphabetically.  A paragraph describing the website is provided. 

This is an excellent reference list for researchers.  Of course, it only pertains to online resources, and not on repository resources.

The Best Genealogy Blogs lists five blogs and YouTube (for some reason):

Genea-Musings missed out again, 9th year in a row (oh well...).  Congratulations to the writers of The Ancestry Insider, Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter, GeneaBloggers, Genealogy Gems, and the Genealogy Guys.  Of course, I would have chosen several others also, but they didn't ask me.  Maybe they will run the Top 50 genealogy blogs again this year.

It would be interesting to compare the 2015 list with the 2014 list (see

 Some of the "best" websites I thought of were not in the category I thought they should be in; for example, Chronicling America could have been in the "Newspapers" category, but it was included in the Library of Congress item in the "Best Virtual Library" sites.

What would you have put on the list in one or more categories?  I think I would have put Family Tree Webinars ($) in the Social Media category, and YouTube (in the blog category for some reason), and also Google+ because of the communities available for education and research.

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