Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How to Add an Unrelated Person to Your Ancestry Member Tree - Method 2

I wrote How to Add an Unrelated Person to Your Ancestry Member Tree on 13 July 2015, and reader Carolyn offered another method, saying:

"I just read the above blog posting and have an idea that works...but not always. If you can do a search in Ancestry and find the person in a record you can then add then to your tree by clicking on save and then Save to Someone in Your Tree. Once the next box comes up, click on Add this to a new person on the bottom left of the box. It only works if you can find a person with a record...or maybe you just add one who's similar and then delete the record? Maybe shorter than the other steps you've described?"

Let's try it!  I searched for records for Jesse W. Smith (1816-1910), whose obituary I transcribed yesterday in Cousin Bait Works Again - Jesse W. Smith Obituary.  There were some matches with record images:

I'll use the 1880 U.S. Census entry.  Here is the record summary:

I clicked the green "Save" button in the upper-right of the screen above, and selected "Save to someone in your tree."

That opened a popup window where I could select the tree I want to add the person to, and then I clicked the "Add this to a new person" in the lower right-hand corner of the popup window:

That opened the "Add New Person" window, and I could add or edit the name, birth, death and other information for the person:

When I was done editing the information for Jesse, I clicked on the orange "Save" button in the lower left-hand corner, and the profile for Jesse Smith in my selected tree opened:

That worked!  It is much easier, and much more intuitive, than the Ancestry-provided method of adding a new person to an Ancestry Member Tree.  Immediately, I had a Hint for the death record for Jesse, then for the Find A Grave record, then for the 1910 U.S. Census, and an Ancestry Member Tree with parents, spouses, children and siblings.  

I just looked at the Comments on How to Add an Unrelated Person to Your Ancestry Member Tree and see that GeneaDiva suggested the same process.  

Thank you to GeneaDiva and Carolyn for their suggestion.

I really prefer this method, as long as I can find a record for the person.  Obviously, it doesn't work if I can't find a record.

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