Monday, July 6, 2015

Kickstarter Campaign for a Children's Illustrated Family History Book

I received an email over a week ago from Troy Hallewell who has written a children's family history book around a poem, and he needs to illustrate the book and get it published.  He needs financial help, on the order of $2,000 to do that.

You can read the poem, called "The People Who Made Me," and an example illustration, on his Kickstarter page - .

 If you donate to this funding campaign, Troy says:

"If you decide to order a copy (or more than one?!?!) but I am unable to raise the full $2000 by the end of the thirty day then your money will not be taken from you and the project will go "unfunded". You have nothing to lose. Either you preorder a copy and I manage to raise the full $2000 and you get the book that you pre-ordered. Or you preorder a copy but I don't end up raising all the money that I need and the project goes "unfunded" and you don't pay anything. No risk. Just the possibility of a pretty sweet children's book."

There are 16 days left in this pledge campaign.   This seems like a pretty neat Christmas gift for small children and grandchildren.

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Troy said...


Thank you for this post, as well as for you support on the kickstarter. I sincerely hope that I will be able to send you the copy of the book you have requested!


Unknown said...

Well, that poem sound's to be good and am sure that children's will love it and the author was in a need of financial help I think so and am sure that I will share this post to every one of my circles and surely it would be a helpful thing for you.
Marshall Jones