Thursday, August 13, 2015

Pedigreeable - A New FamilySearch Certified Program

The latest FamilySearch Partner News blog post on the FamilySearch Blog highlighted a new certified partner program called Pedigreeable.

The description of the program is:  Pedigreeable is lets you create beautiful family tree charts and tree views. Quickly and easily create beautiful family trees, perfect for gifts or home decor.

I can't resist things like this, so here's what I found:

1)  The top of the home page at looks like this:

2)  Step 1 in the process of creating a beautiful, modern family tree is to select a template:

I picked the template on the left.

3)  Step 2 is to pick a color scheme:

I picked the one on the top row on the right.

4)  Step 3 is to sign into FamilySearch and identify yourself in the FamilySearch Family Tree:

The program collects you and your ancestors for four generations.  You can select one of those ancestors as the subject of your Pedigreeable.

After the ancestors load (as shown above), then click on "Done" (below the graphic).

5)  Now you have to choose if you want the Basic Download (Free), Deluxe Download ($19.95) or Poster Print ($34.95). 

I picked the Basic Download, which is a 600 x 600 pixel PNG file download.  

The Deluxe download gives you a choice:

*  A 1 megapixel download of a PNG file, optimized for embedding in blog posts.
*  A 9 megapixel download of a PNG file, optimized for medium and small prints.
*  A 144 megapixel download of a PNG file optimized for large prints.

The Poster Print option provides an 18 inch by 24 inch  poster on white semi-glass paper, with free shipping.

6)  Here are two of the Pedigreeable charts I created:

I like the Balloons chart, but I wish the type was bolder.

7)  This program is really easy to use, and provides a useful product.  However, it is only 5 generations, and you have to be in the FamilySearch Family Tree to make it work.

Users should note that there are other FamilySearch certified programs that provide free or paid charts with more generations (e.g.,  But this one is quick, different and pretty.

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Fax said...

Four generations is pretty useless. How do you find the "other certified programs"? I've done 20-generation reports using The Master Genealogist, but I can't find any other supplier.