Friday, August 14, 2015

The Home Page Over the Years 1996 to 2015

I used the Wayback Machine on the Internet Archive website to capture these screen shots of the home page (not signed in) over the years:

1)  1996:

2)  1999:

3)  2001:

4)  2003:

5)  2006:

6)  2009:

7)  2012:

8)  2015:

Remember, these are the home pages that a non-logged in person would see.  You can also click on the tabs to see Search and other pages.

This is not an exhaustive list of the changes - I picked every two or three years to provide a limited number of views.

Note that from 2009 on, starting a new family tree (which is free to do) was at the top of the page rather than the Search fields.  The Family Trees tab appears in 2003.

According to, I have been an Ancestry subscriber since 27 July 2000, but I'm not sure that it has been continuous.  It has been continuous since about 2006.

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Louis Kessler said...

Sort of looks like the page is getting bigger each year.

Genbook said...

I do not have a screen shot, but back about 1996 I remember seeing a street construction workhorse "under construction" logo there for a couple of weeks!

Devon Noel Lee said...

Finally read this post that has sat in my 'saved for later' file. It was worth the wait. What fun it is to see where this service has come from. I'm partial to the 2012 look.