Tuesday, September 15, 2015

CeCe Moore Wins 3 of the 2015 Rockstar Genealogists Poll Categories

The 2015 Rockstar Genealogists poll results were announced by John D. Reid on his Canada's Anglo-Celtic Connections blog.  The weeklong poll received 2,026 responses.  The demographics of the vote is in Rockstar Genealogist Overview. You can see the lists at:

*  Superstar Rockstar Genealogists 2015 - the Gold winners in seven categories.

*  Rockstar Genealogists 2015: Silver and Bronze Awards - the Silver and Bronze winners in seven categories.

John will be listing the Top Ten in each category in coming posts this week.

The Gold, Silver and Bronze winners in each Category were:

1) International:  Gold:  CeCe Moore; Silver: Judy G. Russell; Bronze: Thomas MacEntee

2)  USA:  Gold:  CeCe Moore; Silver:  Judy G. Russell; Bronze:  Roberta Estes

3)  England, Scotland and Wales:  Gold:  Kirsty Gray; Silver:  Janet Few;  Bronze:  Celia Heritage

4)  Canada:  Gold:  Dave Obee;  Silver: Christine Woodcock;  Bronze:  Dick Eastman

5)  Australia/New Zealand:  Gold:  Jill Ball; Silver:  Chris Goopy;  Bronze:  Shauna Hicks and Thomas MacEntee

6)  Ireland:  Gold:  Claire Santry; Silver:  Stephen Smyrl; Bronze:  John Grenham

7)  Genetic Genealogy:  Gold:  CeCe Moore;  Silver:  Roberta Estes;  Bronze:  Judy G. Russell

Congratulations to the winners!

I found it interesting that almost all of the winners (maybe all of them?) have a strong online presence (including a blog) and a strong conference presence.  Of course, it is an online poll.

It will be interesting to see how the Top Ten lists shake out.

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