Monday, February 22, 2016

CeCe Moore Explains the Behind the Scenes Work on the LL Cool J "Finding Your Roots" episode

Like many other genealogists, I thought that the LL Cool J and Sean Combs episode of Finding Your Roots, shown on Tuesday, 16 February 2016 on PBS, was one of the best in the series.  In the episode, the research team, including DNA expert CeCe Moore, found that the mother of LL Cool J was adopted, and found her biological parents through DNA testing and analysis.

The episode can be viewed online at

In the episode, CeCe Moore was shown discussing the DNA results with LL Cool J.  But there was a lot more going on "behind the scenes" because the DNA results took several years to figure out.

CeCe discusses those "behind the scenes" on last week's episode of Chit Chat Live! on the In-Depth Genealogist channel on YouTube, hosted by Shannon Combs Bennett with Terri O'Connell and Valerie Eichler Lair on the panel.  You can watch the 45 minute episode below:

If this Finding Your Roots episode interested you, and you want to know more about the DNA testing and analysis process, you should watch both of these videos.


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Marilyn Kenyon, Psy.D. said...

This was one of the most interesting shows on Finding Your Roots. There have been many interesting ones, but this was right up there at the top. It easily could have been a 2-hour show. I recommended the show to a friend. He just loved it. Both Diddy and LL Cool J graduated from the same high school as he did. So, the show was very personal to him.