Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Dear Randy: How Can I Capture a Newspaper Page From MyHeritage?

At our Chula Vista Genealogical Society Research Group meeting today, one of my colleagues said:  "I love the MyHeritage newspaper record matches, but I cannot figure out how to capture the page image to my computer.  How do you do it?"

I demonstrated two processes - one for the whole page, and one just for the article of interest.  Here is my process:

1)  Here is a newspaper page image from the Boston Daily Globe dated 9 April 1916 from a MyHeritage record match that has a death notice for Margaret (Hattery) Seaver of Upton, Mass.:

The page of interest appears, and the user can use the scroll bars to run up and down the page or left-to-right.  In the upper right-hand corner is the "Zoom in" button and a "Pop-out" button (under the orange "Full screen" button when you run your mouse into that area).

2)  I clicked on the "Pop-out" button and the page opened as a PDF file.  

On my desktop Windows computer, on the top line of the screen are icons for "Open," "Drive" (save to Google Drive), "Print," and "open original."

3)  I chose to "Print" the page, then on the Printer page I changed the Destination name to "Save as PDF" to save the page:

4)  I saved the page to a file, and could then open the file in the Windows Explorer file folder where it was saved.  I zoomed in a bit using the PDF Zoom buttons, and maneuvered to the bottom of the page where the article of interest was located:

 5)  I zoomed in on the PDF file to find the article of interest, and then used the Windows 7 Snipping Tool to snip the article, and saved it as a PNG image in the Snipping Tool:

6)  For any of the images above, I could also use the PrtScr key to capture the screen, then Paste them into a word processor or presentation page, and then right-click them and save them as an image in my Windows Explorer file folder of choice.

Obviously, a user's process may be different depending on their computer setup, operating system and available utility programs.

Don't forget to write down the newspaper name, date of issue, page number, article title, and anything else of interest for a source citation to insert into your genealogy software program.

My source citation for the article above is:

"Death of Mrs. Henry Seaver," death notice, Boston [Mass.] Daily Globe, 9 April 1916, page 24, column 5; MyHeritage ( : accessed 8 June 2016), collection; original newspaper page on


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kdduncan said...

OR capture with a PrtSc and copy into Paint, where you can crop just the portion you want and add your own text - perhaps the source. If you are not sure you have Paint, search for it on your computer as Paint or MSPaint.

Magda said...

Randy, when do you think the newspapers discoveries will come back to MyHERITAGE? They announced that they were removing the newspapers database on June 22 2016 while renewing their contract with newspaper archive.