Friday, June 17, 2016

New records available to search this Findmypast Friday, 17 June 2016

I received this information from Findmypast today:


New records available to search this Findmypast Friday

This week’s Findmypast Friday marks the release of a series of new additions to existing UK and Irish collections as well as some brand new Rate Books from South Australia.

Over 2.9 million articles have been our collection of historic British newspapers. This includes the addition of 13 brand new titles and updates to a further 17.

Fascinating new newspapers from all round England, Scotland and Wales have joined the line-up including Kirkintilloch Gazette covering 1898-1938, The Cornish Telegraph covering 1887-1888 and Aberdare Times from 1889. The updates to existing titles in the collection include generous supplements to the Coventry Evening Telegraph (126,975 new articles), Monmouthshire Merlin (180,701 new articles) and Rochdale Observer (163,633 new articles).

Over 49,000 new records from Yorkshire’s West Riding have been added to our collection of Yorkshire Marriages. The amount of information included can vary, but the records usually contain the full names of the bride and groom, their ages, home parishes and the date of their wedding. In some cases the records can also include the names of any witnesses (often family members), the names and occupations of the bride's and groom's parents, the occupation of the groom, the couple's previous marital condition and the name of the officiating minister.

Explore new additions to our Knights of the Realm index to find out if any of your forebears were awarded an order of chivalry. The Knights of the Realm index records the details of over 35,000 individuals who were awarded an order of chivalry by a British monarch. The index was created by Colin J Parry over a 40 year period to determine how many knights were made in each century and, furthermore, who they actually were.

Explore more than 343,000 additional records to uncover the age, colour, and breed of your ancestors four legged friend. Now containing over 6.3 million records, the Irish Dog Licences list not only the name, breed, colour and sex of your ancestor’s four legged friend, but also the owner’s address and the date the licence was issued, making them an incredibly valuable census substitute.

Over 547,000 new records have been added to complete our collection of Irish Petty Sessions Court Registers. Petty Sessions handled the bulk of lesser criminal and civil legal proceedings. They include details of victims, witnesses and the accused, such as address, date in court, details of the offence, details of the verdict and the sentence.

Search 1,000 new records to learn more about the poor relief efforts in Ireland from the late 1830s to the early 1860s. The Irish Poor Law Act of 1838 created the system of poor law unions in Ireland, which established 130 poor law unions. Under this system, the poor received relief, either from a workhouse or outdoor relief (which included money, goods, clothing, or food) provided for by poor rates assessed under the poor law valuation.

South Australia Rate books is an index of roughly 4,000 records. The index was transcribed from rate assessments for the coastal district of Beachport in southeast South Australia between 1882 and 1888. Each record includes a transcript and an original image. The amount of information listed varies, but the transcripts usually include your ancestor’s name, assessment year, assessment number, occupier, owner, situation and town. Images may be able to provide additional details, such as property descriptions, rate values, and dates paid.

Don’t forget to regularly check our dedicated Findmypast Friday page to keep up to date with all the latest additions.


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