Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: How to Watch SCGS 2016 Genealogy Jamboree Live Streaming Classes for FREE

This week's Tuesday's Tip shows how to watch the SCGS 2016 Genealogy Jamboree Livestreamed Classes for FREE.

There are 14 livestreamed classes available from the SCGS 2016 Genealogy Jamboree, but it is not easy to get to them to watch them.  Here is my process:

1)  On the Genealogy Jamboree blog, go to Jamboree 2016: Registration Now Open for FREE Jamboree Live Streaming.

On this page there is a list of the classes available to be watched.

Down near the bottom of the page is a link to register for the livestreamed classes.  

Jamboree Live Streaming: http://streaming.webcastandbeyond.com/jamboree/

2)  The Registration page looks like this:

Further down this page are the fields for registering:

3)  After you have clicked on the blue "Register" button, they will send you an email with the link, your registration user name, and a password.  You need to remember that password.

4)  The link to the livestreamed videos is http://streaming.webcastandbeyond.com/jamboree/video/.  After using your username and password, the top of the page looks like this:

And further down is a video screen:

In the lower right-hand corner of the video screen is a link for "More on livestream.com" as highlighted in a red box above.

5)  When you click on the "More on livestream.com" link, you can select from any of the 14 class videos, or see each of the three days in a separate video.  Here is the top of the Livestream page which has the last class (the classes are listed on this page in reverse order):

 Here is the last video - the unedited video from Friday:

The unedited videos for Friday, Saturday and Sunday include all of the livestreamed classes for the day and the Ancestry.com provided videos in between the Jamboree livestreamed classes.  

6)  Note that these videos will be available only until July 5, 2016.  Be sure to take advantage of this education opportunity.


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Seeds to Tree said...

This is awesome. I watched a video last night and plan to watch some more today. Thanks for the info.