Thursday, July 28, 2016

Short Course Videos Added to Ancestry Academy

I received this press notice today from Ancestry Academy:


Short Course Videos Added to Ancestry Academy

Ancestry Academy started something new. We published the first five videos in a new series written by our team of Academy experts and presented by outside talent. This is an exciting and different format from our previous long course structure.

The new courses are brief, but targeted, and more like the lessons within each of our full courses. Check out the new shorter courses here, where the topics include:

*  Pre-1850 Censuses
*  1850 Census: An Introduction
*  1880 Census: An Overview
*  1890 Census: Where is It?
*  Introduction to the 1940 Census

Another recent change is that there are now very short, focused tutorials hosted directly on Person Profile pages and in other areas of Ancestry. Look for the "Tutorials" button when it appears in the lower right corner of the page. This links you directly to videos pertinent to that page, as well as to other content we think you might be interested in. The tutorials are also available under Getting Started on the Academy Home Page.

If you bookmark the Recently Added page and use it as your jumping off point each time you visit the site, you'll always see what's been published most recently. If you want to keep on top of our new Short Course Videos, you can bookmark them as well for faster access.

At this point on Ancestry Academy, there are at least 55 expert-led courses, plus 23 one-minute tutorials and the new Short Course Videos—with more of all in the pipeline! So there's a lot of great content to explore. We're pretty sure you'll learn something new.

Take Ancestry Academy on the go with our newly updated mobile apps
The Ancestry Academy apps let you watch all courses and videos from your Android or iOS mobile device. Just install the app on your device and log in to access all your favorite videos.

Download the mobile app here.


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