Friday, August 26, 2016

Adding Descendant Information the Easy Way - Post 2: Importing it to an Ancestry Member Tree

I wrote Finding Descendants of Rudolph Spangler (1738-1811) In the FamilySearch Family Tree on 23 August 2016, and followed that with Adding Descendant Information the Easy Way - Post 1: Importing it From FamilySearch Family Tree on 25 August 2016.  In the latter post, I laid out the steps I'm taking to add descendants of Rudolph Spangler to my RootsMagic database, starting from the FamilySearch Family Tree.

Step 2 in my process was to create a GEDCOM file in RootsMagic.  I did that yesterday, and did some cleanup of duplicate persons and nameless persons before I created the GEDCOM file.

Step 3 is to upload the GEDCOM file to a new Ancestry Member Tree, so that Ancestry will find Hints and Suggested Records for me without my having to search for them.  Here is that process:

1)  On my Ancestry Home Page, I clicked on "Trees" and selected "Create and Manage Trees:"

2)  When I clicked on "Create and Manage Trees" my list of current trees opened, and at the bottom of the list was "Create a new tree" and "Upload a GEDCOM file:"

3)  I clicked on "Upload a GEDCOM file" and filled in the information on the screen:

I chose the GEDCOM file that I created for "Rudolf Spangler Descendants," added a short description of the tree,  and clicked that I accept the Submission Agreement.

4)  I clicked the orange "Upload" button on the screen above, and within seconds my new Ancestry Member Tree with 1,349 persons was uploaded.  My tree opened in the Family View, and I clicked on the down arrow by the tree name to open the dropdown menu with the different tree options available:

5)  I chose "Tree Settings" from the dropdown menu, and made the home person Rudolph Spangler, and identified myself in the tree:

6)  All of this took about four minutes to complete - it's really easy for a small tree like this.  I clicked the down arrow next to the tree name in the upper left-hand corner, and clicked on the "All Hints" item and saw:

In the four minutes from upload to clicking "All Hints," the Ancestry Hinting system has generated 277 Hints, of which 99 are Ancestry Member Trees and 178 are Records.  

7)  Step 3 in this process is completed, so now I will wait a bit before I go on to Step 4 in my process, which is to Let Ancestry find more Hints for persons in this tree.  I may have to help them along, though!


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