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Aubles in the Newspapers - Hampton Auble's 1852 Marriage

I've started looking for more historical newspaper articles online for my Auble ancestors and family members.  My target states are New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana and California.

I searched for "Auble" and "Pennsylvania" on Elephind ( which searches a number of historical newspaper databases, including Chronicling America.

I recognized the name in the first match - Hampton Auble, who was a brother of my 2nd great-grandfather, David Auble (1817-1894).  I explored that by clicking on the link to the newspaper article, which led me to the PennState University Libraries page.

I put "hampton auble" in the search box and clicked the Search icon, and saw:

There's the whole newspaper page and the header of the article.  I clicked on the article image on the screen above, and a new window popped up:

In the "Marriages" column for Tuesday, 30 November 1852, on page 3 of the Lancaster Intelligencer newspaper, the transcription of the notice is:

"On Wednesday evening last, by the Rev. W. Bish-
op, Hampton Auble of Columbia, to Louisa F. Bon-
sall, formerly of Philadelphia."

The source citation for this record is:

"Marriages," notice, Lancaster [Penn.] Intelligencer, 30 November 1852, page 3, marriage record for Hampton Auble and Louisa F. Bonsall; digital images, Penn State Universities Libraries ( : accessed 22 August 2016), Civil War Newspaper Collection; accessed through search of

Before I found this record, I knew that Hampton Auble had married Louisa F. Bonsall in about 1852. Now I know that the marriage occurred on Wednesday, 24 November 1852 (the newspaper was dated Tuesday, 30 November, and it said "Wednesday evening last").  I I don't know exactly where this marriage occurred, but I think it was probably in Lancaster, Pennsylvania since it was in the Lancaster newspaper.   have entered the date and probable location into my RootsMagic database, and added the source citation for the event.

Interestingly, the Pennsylvania death certificate for Miami P. Auble, the first child of Hampton and Louisa (Bonsall) Auble, indicates that her birth date was 8 October 1852 in Philadelphia, about 7 weeks before the marriage date.  Of course, the birth date on a death certificate may be wrong and off by a year or two.  Or maybe it isn't, and the birth of Miami was before the marriage of her parents.  Another genea-quandary.


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