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Amanuensis Monday - 1692 Probate Records for Henry Garnsey (1620-1692) Estate

This week's documents for Amanuensis Monday are the 1692 Suffolk County, Massachusetts probate documents for Henry Garnsey (1620-1692) of Dorchester, Massachusetts:

a)  Page 65 - right-hand page on first image:

a)  Page 66 - left-hand page on second image:

The transcription of the records on these two pages is:

[page 65]

In left margin:

Henry Garnsey
Adm Letter


Letters of Administration granted
unto Elizabeth Garnsey Relict & Widow &c
on the Estate of Henry Garnsey late of
Dorchester deceased.

William Stoughton Esq^r
Commissionated by his Excelleny S^r William Phips ????
Captain Generall and Governour in Chief in and over their Maj^ties
Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England with the
Advice and Consent of the Council For the granting of Probate of
Wills and Letters of Administration within the County of Suffolk &c.
To Elizabeth Garnsey Relict and Widow of Henry Garnsey late of
Dorchester Tailer deced intestate, Trusting in your care & fidelity
I do by these presents Committ unto you full power to Administer
all and Singular the Goods, Chattels, Rights and Credits of the said
dece^d And well and faithfully to dispose of the same according to
Law, And also rto ask, gather, Levy, recover and receive all and
whatsoever Credits of the s^d dece^d which to him while he lived and
at the time of his death did appertain, And to pay all Debits in w^ch
the dece^d Stood bound so far as his Goods, Chattels, Rights & Credits
can extend according to the value thereof. And to make a true &
perfect Inventory of all and Singular ========== the
Goods, Chattels, Rights and Credits of the s^d dece^d And to Exhibit
the same into the Register's Office of the afores^d County att or
before the Thirteenth day of December next ensueing. And to
Render a plain and true Account of your s^d Administration upon
Oath at or before the Thirteenth day of October One Thousand
Six hundred Ninety and Three. And I do by these presents
Ordain, Constitute and Appoint you Administratrix of all and
Singular the Goods, Chattels, Rights and Credits aforesaid.
In Testimony whereof I have hereunto Sett my
hand and the Seale of the s^d Office Dated at Boston the
Fourteenth day of October 1692.
Is^a Addington Reg^r                        William Stoughton

[in left margin]


[in body]

The Inventory of the ^late^ dece^d Henry
Garnzey, his Estate taken August 31^th day 1692
by us whose names are here Subscribed

Imp^s for house and orchard joyning
£ 12 .. -– .. –
It. in Land in the Town field joyning to Goodman
Leede being Two acres and an half
22 .. -– .. –
It. in 15 acres of Wood land
22 .. 10 .. –
It. in money
15 .. 3 .. –
It. in wearing apparrell woollen and linnen
7 .. 11 .. 6
It. in a bed & bolster with 2 p^r of Sheets & furniture
belonging to it, which stands in the Lower roome
7 .. –- .. –
It. in bed and bolster w^th bedsted, w^th 1 p^r of Sheets &
2 pillows & furniture belonging to it, w^ch stands above
£ 3 .. 15 .. –
It. in one little bed & bolster, one pillow & 2 p^r of Sheets
belonging with the furniture
2 .. 10 .. –
It. in brass one Kettle one old Skillet & old Skimmer
– .. 16 .. –
It. in brass one new Skillet and warming pan
– .. 5 .. --
Int. in Table linen and pillowbeers
– .. 13 .. –
It. course table linnen 4^8 one wallett one Carpet 6^8
– .. 11 .. –
It. mortar pestle 1 5^8 in boots 6^8
1 .. 11 .. –
It. Saddle and cloth 13^8 in armes 25^8
1 .. 18 .. –
It. andirons a little pott, Trammel,l fire tongs
Shovel, frying pan, gridiron
1 .. 5 .. –
It. in bookes 25^8 one Spade 2^8 6^2
1 .. 7 .. 6
It. in axe, beetle, rings, wedges, hammer, hoe
– .. 10 .. –
It. 3 Chairs 9^8 in barrels & tubs & Lumber 18^8
1 .. 7 .. –
It. in Sheare & Colter 5^8 in wheels 7^8 6^2
– .. 12 .. 6
It. in nails, Trenchers, dishes 4^8 a Chern 9^8
– .. 7 .. –
It. in Indian Corn 7 bushells
1 .. -– .. –
It. in a Mare and Colt
1 .. 15 .. –
It. a Cow a-15^8 a heifer a-5^8
3 .. –- .. –
It. a Swine 1-8^8 2 piggs 10^8
1 .. 18 .. –
It. an old ragg rugg and blankett, two baggs &
other small things
– .. 10 .. –
It. in money due to the Estate as appears by Bill
47 .. 4 .. –
It. Table, 4 Chairs,, 1 Spil, 1 Sickle, 1 hammocker
– .. 14 .. –
It. 3 forks, 1 hos, a p^r of Shears a goose Iron, a knife, a cive
       – .. 9 .. –
Thomas Swift
£ 159 .. 19 .. 6
Ebenezer Davenport

Before the Hon^ble William Stoughton Esq^r
Elizabeth Garnsey admitted Administratrix made Oath
that this containes a just and true Inventory of the Estate
of her late husband Henry Garnsey dece^d so far as hath
come to her knowledge and that if more hereafter appear
She will cause it to be added.
Boston 13^th Octob^r 1692             Jurat Cor.

Exam^d Is^a Addinton Reg^r          William Stoughton

The source citation for this record is:

"Massachusetts, Wills and Probate Records, 1635-1991," indexed database with digital images, (, Suffolk > Probate Records, Vol 13-14, 1688-1701, Volume 13, pages 65-66 (images 45-46 of 652), Henry Garnsey probate papers.

These two pages contain the Letter of Administration and the Inventory on the intestate estate of Henry Garnsey (1620-1692) of Dorchestrer, Massachusetts.  Henry's second wife, Elizabeth --?--, was named the administrator of the estate.  The inventory totaled £56..10 in real estate, and £103..9..6 in personal property.  There are no heirs mentioned in this probate record.  No account was found in the index for these probate records.  

Henry Garnsey (1620-1692) is my 9th great-grandfather who had John Garnsey (1648-1722) by his first wife, Hannah Munnings (1629-1686).  John Garnsey is my 8th great-grandfather.


NOTE:  Genea-blogger John Newmark (who writes the excellent  TransylvanianDutch blog) started a Monday blog theme years ago called "Amanuensis Monday."  John offers this definition for "amanuensis:" 

"A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another."

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