Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Read the "Genealogy and Seniors" Article

Kimberley Fowler has written a helpful and interesting article title "Genealogy and Seniors" on the A Place for Mom blog.  The introduction says:

"Retirees across America are leaving their families an unconventional legacy — knowledge of their family’s ancestral roots. In the age of the internet, ancestry and genealogy research has increased with additional access to online historical records.Genealogy and Seniors

"Older adults who are retired and have time on their hands are taking advantage, making “genealogy the second most popular hobby in the U.S., after gardening,” according to Time."

There are many useful links in the article to follow.

While this is an introductory article about genealogy, genealogy societies might want to send a link to the article to their members and perhaps send copies to local senior centers and adult education centers.


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Steve K said...

Good article and I'd like to send a link as suggested. Problem I'd, the link is bad.