Thursday, January 5, 2017

New Historical Records on MyHeritage During 2016

The MyHeritage Blog post titled "A Look Back at 2016" by Esther, posted 4 January 2017, provides a summary of the new features, highlights and experiences during 2016 at MyHeritage.  It's worth reviewing in some detail.  I have blogged in some detail during 2016 about some of these new features and highlights.

Near the bottom of the post is a list of some of the new record collections added by MyHeritage during 2016.  It's difficult to find what is new on MyHeritage because they don't have a list that highlights what is new and updated, other than the occasional blog post for a specific collection.

Here is the Historical records list from the article, followed by some statistics for 2016:

"We released many exciting new historical record collections throughout 2016, including many exclusive collections, online for the very first time:

"StatisticsHere are some statistics from the past year at MyHeritage:
  • 802 million new historical records added.
  • 727 million new family tree profiles added.
  • 61 million new photos added.
  • 76 employees joined the company in 2016 (we went up from 249 to 325)."
This is helpful and interesting.

I noted that they added the Chronicling America collection;  MyHeritage closed down the NewspaperARCHIVE collection during 2016, perhaps due to licensing issues, which was a loss to subscribers.

I am happy to see the Canada census collections because I don't have an World subscription.


Disclosure:  I have a complimentary MyHeritage subscription, and have received material compensation for services from MyHeritage.

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