Friday, January 6, 2017

This Week's We're Related Relationships - 6 January 2017

I received 5 new cousin relationships on the We're Related mobile app this week, which is based on Ancestry Member Trees.  The new relationships, and my initial evaluation of them, are:

1)  Leland Meitzler -- Facebook friend, 7th cousin 1x removed, common ancestor is Marie Saeger (1670-????).

My line from Marie Saeger goes through Johann Baltzer Spengler, and Leland's goes through Anna Elizabeth Spengler.  My judgment is that this relationship is Likely.

2)  Cassie Clark -- Facebook friend, 8th cousin, common ancestor is Ruth Collins (1685-1715).

My line from Ruth (Collins) Graves is through daughter Ruth Graves, while Cassie's line goes through Sarah Graves (1715-1773) who married a Newton.  I don't have Sarah as a daughter of Ruth (Collins) Graves.  Most trees say that Sarah Graves was the daughter of Samuel Graves and Elizabeth Lewis.  This line also goes down to North Carolina in the 1750s, which makes me suspect.  My judgment is that this relationship is Unlikely.

3)  Jim Ericson - Facebook friend, 7th cousin 1x removed, common ancestor is Anna Maria Drupler (1685-1783).

The app extends my line back one generation from Maria Magdalena Ritter (1706-1784), and I don't have her parents.  Emma's line is through a daughter Eva Rosina Ritter (1708-1783).  My judgment is that this relationship is Possible, and I will investigate this added generation.

4)  Richard Nixon -- U.S. President, 6th cousin 1x removed, common ancestor is Johannes Trimmer (1700-1749).

My line to Johannes Trimmer goes through Matthias Trimmer (1722-1793), while Nixon's line goes through Anthony Trimmer (1725-1754).  He has four more generations of Trimmers in New Jersey.  My judgment is that this relationship is Likely.

5)  Lyndon Johnson -- U.S. President, 8th cousin 1x removed, common ancestor is Thomas Wheeler (1621-1704).

My line to Thomas Wheeler (1621-1704) of Concord, Massachusetts goes through Elizabeth Wheeler, while Johnson's line goes through John Wheeler (1656-1736), and has three more generations of Wheelers.  I found the last Wheeler, Eleanor Holmes Wheeler (1749-1816) in several sourced Ancestry trees born in Pennsylvania, died in Tennessee, and descended from Joseph Wheeler (1704-1731) who was born in Wales, not in Massachusetts.  My judgment is that this relationship is Unlikely.

My count is up to 113 famous or Facebook cousins provided by the app.  This week, my judgment is that only two of the 5 cousin relationships are Likely or better.

I will say it again:  My biggest problem with this We're Related app is that it thinks it knows my ancestral lines better than I do, and adds one to five generations to some of my end-of-line ancestors.  
The second biggest problem is that many of the lines of the famous or Facebook persons have colonial lines that jump from one region to another, as with the Lyndon Johnson line.

They may be right -- I don't know -- and I can't really find out because they provide no source material to back up their assertions.  If there was authoritative information for my end-of-line ancestors, I would add it.  None of the "Unlikely" or "Wrong" relationships have been convincing to me yet.


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