Sunday, April 2, 2017

Updated information on Family Tree Maker 2017 Release

Here are the latest messages from Jack Minsky of Family Tree Maker about the release of Family Tree Maker 2017:

New builds completed Saturday early evening were resent to beta testers with large trees who had reported unexpected syncing results and it appears the fixes were successful. We followed up by sending the new build to the same thousand beta testers who tested on Friday, and we will be actively watching the results.
We could probably ship any time now, but after Friday's testing difficulties we've decide to redo the stress tests on Monday with additional testers and to consult with Ancestry engineers. Assuming all goes well (and we don't have any reason to believe otherwise) we will ship on Tuesday, April 4th
In the meantime, sync is off but as agreed with Ancestry, hints, search, merge, maps, Web view and other connections to Ancestry all will continue running until FTM 2017 is released, so you can continue your research. We will continue to post updates here as well as on our support site:
We have been working through the day today with those beta testers reporting unusual problems. While some were not issues after all, some indeed were and we have made a new build which is being tested by those same beta testers right now. If that testing is completely successful, we could technically launch tonight, though we will more likely decide to wait until Monday when we can consult with Ancestry engineers and do further live stress testing on their systems.
In the meantime, all those with existing FTM editions may continue to work until we ship. At this point, only syncing has been disconnected and Ancestry has agreed to temporarily maintain all other connection functions that will be replaced with FamilySync in FTM 2017. That means that Ancestry hints, search, merge, maps and the Web dashboard will all keep working until FTM 2017 is released. We'll be sending out an update email tonight to everyone who is waiting for their copy of FTM 2017. We will keep this page updated with our progress.
We created last night an update page on our support site where you can send those who are not members of this group. The article is here:

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Unknown said...

I am not believing your response that I ( didn't buy the 2014.1 MacKiev. I am told that since I bought the USB copy that I really didn't pay for the upgrade to MavKiev version. No where did it say when I purchased the USB drive did it say I was only buying a USB drive and not buying the 2014.1 MacKiev application. I have been using your software for a very long time and I am not pleased with this new company. I am requesting a free update to FTM 2017 Mackiev or a PC.
Best Regards,

Unknown said...

We too bought last spring, thinking that when it was completed we also would get the upgrade.
No where did it say when We purchased the program that we were only buying the program that was unable to sync not buying the 2014.1 MacKiev application. We have been using your software FTM for a very long time and I am not at all pleased with this new company. We are requesting a free update to FTM 2017 Mackiev or a PC.

Randy Seaver said...

for kriss layton,

I am not affiliated with Family Tree Maker, and can do nothing about dealing with your problem. I suggest you use the "live Chat" feature at

I hope you receive an acceptable response.