Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Treasure Chest Tuesday - 1850 Marriage Record for Sjur Torgersen and Brita Olsdtr in Voss, Norway

This week's Tuesday treasure is the 1850 Marriage record for Sjur Torgersen Brita Olsdatter in Voss, Norway:

The Torgersen-Olsdtr marriage is #44 on this page:

I can figure out the information for the left-hand side of the big image, but not the right-hand side.  Here is what the left-hand side says (I think, in English):

No. 44
Date:  21 June 1850
Male Name:  Sjur Torgersen Molster
Female Name:  Britha Olsdtr Midtun
Male Residence:  Molster
Female Residence:  Midtun
Male Age:  46
Female Age:  35
Male's Father's name:  Torger Olsen Molster
Female's Father's name:  Ole Olsen Midtun

I don't recall or can't figure out what the words before the given names are - they probably mean something like Bachelor and Spinster, or similar.  Maybe some of my Norwegian friends can help me out.

The source citation for this record is:

Voss (Vangen) Parish Church (Voss, Norway), digital images, Arkivverket DigitalArkivet, Scanned Church Records (http://www.arkivverket.no/URN:kb_read), "Voss: 1836-1851, Ministerialbok A13," Marriages, Page 212, item 44, Sjur Torgersen and Britha Olsdtr (accessed 12 December 2013).

I am very glad that I crafted that source citation three-plus years ago!!  It seems like just months ago that I found these records online - time sure flies when you're having fun!  I captured these records and wrote about the process in Finding Norwegian Church Parish Records in DigitalArkivet Website (dated 12 December 2013).  I also crafted some source citations then too - the process and result is in A Source Citation for Anna's Death Record in Voss, Norway (posted 13 December 2013).

Sjur Torgersen was the son of Torger Olsen and Anna Sjursdtr, and was born in 1804 in Tungeteigens farm, Voss parish.  Britha Olsdtr was the daughter of Ole Olsen and Ingeborg Botolfsdtr, and was born in 1818 in Midtun farm, Voss parish.  Sjur was 46 and Britha was age 35 when they married, and they had five children between 1850 and 1859.  Their first child, Torger Sjursen, was born on 26 March 1850 on Molster farm in Voss parish, three months before this marriage.

Sjur Torgersen and Britha Olsdtr are my wife's 2nd great-grandparents through their son Torger Sjursen Leland who married Anna Ellingsdtr Natvig in 1876 in Deerfield, Wisconsin.


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Martin said...

You are right; The word before Sjur is "Ungk" → "Ungkar" meaning bachelor. The word in front of Brita is "pige" meaning girl. The word girl is used to indicate an unmarried woman. Even in old age an unmarried woamn is titled "pige" - girl.
Here is a "Cheat sheet" to the headings in the church book http://martinroe.com/blog/Cheatsheet1820.pdf

Randy Seaver said...

Thank you, Martin!!

Great cheat sheet!! I doubt that I would have figured out the letters without looking for definitions.