Wednesday, April 5, 2017

2012 Legacy Cruise Photos: Part 2 -- Post 458 of (Not So) Wordless Wednesday

Linda and I enjoyed the Legacy Family Cruise in May 2012 from Oslo to Le Havre to Cherbourg to Dublin to Liverpool to Edinburgh and back to Oslo.  I took some photos with my camera (not cell phone), including these:

1)  The ship docked at Le Havre, France at 9 a.m. on  14 May.  We were up at 7 a.m. to have breakfast and get ready for our day trip on a bus to do some sightseeing in Paris. We went, with our tickets, to the Masquerade Theater at 9 a.m. and gave them to Dave so that he could get all of the Legacy group on one bus. We had 44 of the 53 seats. We were on the bus at about 10 a.m. with tour guide Fredericka and driver Lou. We rode 2.5 hours through the countryside to Paris. We stopped for a restroom break before entering Paris, and I used the ATM to get Euros and we bought drinks for the bus.

As we entered downtown Paris, we came down the Champs Elysee toward the Arc de-Triomphe, looking through the windshield:

2)  all of the shops and buildings to Place Concorde, then off on a street to the Opera House and other sites:

3)  Another monument whose name I've forgotten:

4)  We stopped at a restaurant Chez Jenny (which we dubbed Chez Jenny-ology). We had a lunch of tomatoes and olives, roast duck leg, and cheesecake. Linda had a reaction to something – probably the duck sauce, so she didn’t have much to eat.

More to come about the visit to Paris!


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Unknown said...

The name of the monument is the "Obelisque de la Place de la Concorde". It is in Paris since King Louis Philippe.
Annick H.

Seeds to Tree said...

I thought it was the Luxor Obelisk. Maybe it's the same thing with a variety of names. I think is was a gift from Egypt, in the early 1800's to France, but Egypt has asked if it could be returned. France has ignored the request. At least that's what a guide told us.