Friday, June 9, 2017

Jamboree Friday Activities - 9 June 2017

This was the first day of the SCGS Genealogy Jamboree, and we got there early in them morning.

We left the Fleabag Motel in Glendale around 7:30 a.m. and drove the fivem iles to the Marriott.  What a difference!  The first person we saw was the very pregnant Elyse Doerflinger.  Linda and I had breakfast in the blogger's lounge which has been transfigured into a TV lounge and nobody blogs there anymore.

I went to the Jamboree registration desk and got my packet and the syllabus flash drive.  I put my nametag together and went off to the pavilion for the World Genealogy Roundtables and sat in on the New England ta ble for awhile.  Soon I went back to the hotel lobby and tried to check in, but they had no e mpty rooms yet.  They did say they would phone when our room was ready.

Then it was off to Randy Whited's talk on Google Apps and he discussed Mail, Drive, Docs, and more, especially as it pertained to non-profit societies.  I took this photo of J. Paul Hawthorne, me and Eric Wells:

At 11 a.m., it was lunch time so I went to the outside vendor and had a hamburger and chocolate chip cookies.  When I was done, I got the call that the room was ready, so I got the keycards and went out to the car to get the suitcase and my laptop bag and got into the room.  It was time for the Exhibit Hall to open at noon, so I wandered that for about half an hour but didn't take any photos.  At about 1L40, I went to the Academy 3 room to hear Jill Morelli speak on "Too Many Marys" which was interesting, but I got really tired - that's usually my nap time.

AFter Jill's excellent talk, I came up to the room and rested my eyes for almost an hour.  I fired up the laptop and updated the Jamboree blog compendium and the Best Of post, and sorted email.  Then it was back down to the Exhibit Hall and this time I took some photos:

Here is Mark Olsen working at the Family Tree Maker exhibit:

AncestryDNA has a small theater on the back side of their Ancestry exhibit:

Living DNA has a prime spot right at the entrance to the Exhibit Hall:

Daniel Horowitz and Kitty Cooper were having a DNA discussion when I came by, and we talked for awhile longer:

Daniel Horowitz posed with the MyHeritage staff for a photo in their booth:

That's about all the photos I have for now.  I'll take more tomorrow.

I went back to the room at 5 p.m. to meet Linda, and we madep lans to go to dinner in the Daily Grill at the Marriott because we were invited to attend the suroprise baby shower for Elyse at 7:30 p.m.  We met our friends, Dennis and gloria Maness at 6:30, and had a nice time talking about our activities both at home and at Jamboree.  At 7:45 p.m., Linda and I made it to Kim's room for the shower which was already in progress.  It was interesting being the only male in the room.  Here is our favorite pregnant genealogist:

So a little education, a little exhibit hall, some socializing, a good dinner and a fun party.  That's it for Day One.


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