Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Looks Like There Is Family Tree Maker 2017 Progress

Here is the latest from the Family Tree Maker User group page on Facebook concerning the release of Family Tree Maker 2017 genealogy software (see


FTM 2017 - UPDATE - JUNE 21

We have been testing a new build series over the the past five days, and the results have been well beyond our expectations, in syncing, performance, and stability. We’ve met our goal of handling even the largest trees — which is why it has been nicknamed the “all trees” build. And according to our beta testers and engineers, if we had a build like this back on March 31st, we would have released it. It’s that good.

Our new “all trees” build will make it’s debut this weekend as part of Test Drive 2.0, an improved "getting started” program in which users take FTM 2017 for a spin, and two days later we do a diagnostic test to see how the ride has gone. If everything checks out OK, they just get to keep on using FTM 2017. If not, we can provide whatever attention is needed to help get everyone off to a good start.

Because the experience of using the new "all-trees” edition is so superior, we have decided to move all test drivers over to it — and not restore syncing in build 207 as we had originally planned. The new build will be first offered to all current test drivers (who are currently using build 207, released on April 20th), and then to everyone else who are eligible to drive — either because they pre-purchased a copy of FTM 2017 or are getting one for free.

After Test Drive 2.0 gets started this weekend, we’ll monitor the "all-trees" build for 2-3 weeks, and assuming all goes well, by July 15th we expect to be ready to officially declare FTM 2017 released and start producing discs and USB drives. And since the “all trees” build is suitable for all trees, as previously announced our pre-order discount sale will end when Test Drive 2.0 begins. The price is still $29.95 for a download until then.

We will first be sending out an email in the next couple of days to all test drivers to let them know about the start of Test Drive 2.0 and how they can participate. And we’ll also send out an all-mailing-list newsletter to catch all FTM users up on the latest happenings. If you are in a hurry to sync and can’t wait until this weekend, you may consider becoming a beta tester (you can apply at

We are happier than you can possibly imagine to have reached this milestone. And so grateful for the wholehearted support we've received from almost every corner of the FTM community. Thank you for cheering us on. For letting us know you had our back. For offering to bake us cookies. And for sharing the stories of your lives - we’ve been honored to listen. Hope you’ll find it has been worth the wait.


My comment:  This is definitely good news for all of the long-suffering FTM users waiting for this release first promised at the end of December 2016 and then at the end of March 2017.  Stuff happens in computer programs, and especially between two companies (in this case and Family Tree Maker) that have different ideas on how things should work.  

So it looks like Test Drivers of the new version will be synching their Ancestry trees over the coming weekend and thereafter, and that non-test drivers can expect to synch by 15 July.  

One very important thing:  The $29.95 price for a download goes away by the coming weekend.

Disclosure:  I have paid for every version of Family Tree Maker since 1998 or so, and have paid for FTM 2017 as well.  I hope that this release is successful and all of the customers are happy with it.

Copyright (c) 2017, Randall J. Seaver

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Gayle said...

Thanks Randy,
This is good news. I've been a little antsy since the 'weather report' popped up on June 9 when I attempted to sync. It has been working smoothly for me for several months and I am hoping the final step will be a success as well.
Gayle. Stop by anytime

Unknown said...

Thank you Randy for posting this. I guess I would have found out once I got an email from them. I am appreciative that you posted this. I have been using FTM I think first starting in '95. Been through so many iterations. I must say finally there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. But generally speaking, I think MacKiev needs to work on their marketing and communication effectiveness. I don't mind being patient, but no one likes feeling like they are being stonewalled and run in circles. I had been doing the 'test drive' since April, but being a bit of a computer tech too, I never felt like there was any true vehicle for back feeding any useful diagnostics to them. I was chastised and censored on one FB page for daring to present anything other than smiley faces and roses. Anyway, thank you again for providing the link and the info!!

Cindy said...

Finally! I'm not counting my chicks until they're hatched though. Hanging on to the hope that when 2017 is released it will be relatively hassle-free. I have used FTM for many years and have been happy with the software so far. I agree with Larry B that MacKiev needs some communication/marketing improvement. Thanks, Randy, for keeping us in the loop!