Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Mount San Jacinto in January 2013 -- Post 469 for (Not So) Wordless Wednesday

Since it's so warm in much of the USA right now, I have some photos of winter in Southern California.

For several years, I gave presentations in Palm Desert to the Palm Desert Genealogy Club on the second Monday morning of January.  We always went the 155 miles on Sunday, got a motel room, hasd a nice dinner with an entertainer in Palm Springs, and, after the presentation and lunch with the nice folks at the Club, we took the tram up to the base on Mount San Jacinto.  It is about a 2,000 foot climb from the desert floor to the tram station, and then a 6,000 foot climb to the mountain base in a tram that skims along near the rocks and trees and snow (at times).  In the winter time, much of Mount San Jacinto is snow covered and there is hiking and sledding on the trails in the valley.

Here are some of our photos from January 2013 at the end of our mini-vacation:

1)  Looking down on Palm Springs:

2)  Looking to the south:

3)  The Lodge from the deck on the east side of the lodge:

4)  I have no clue what Linda is eating all bundled up (remember we're at 8,000 feet in the winter time - it's cold outside!):

More to come next week.

Do you feel cooler now?


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