Friday, June 2, 2017

SCGS Genealogy Jamboree Plans - Sunday Events

My plans for the Southern California Genealogical Society 2017 Genealogy Jamboree in Burbank, California have crystallized now, so here are our plans for Sunday, 11 June:

The Sunday schedule is at

I hope to participate in these events:

*  7:30 a.m.:  Breakfast in the Bloggers Lounge (where the breakfast bar is).  Usually a banana and a blueberry muffin and orange juice.

*  8:30 a.m.:  SU002 Putting Your DNA Matches to Work
Are you drowning in DNA matches? Let’s take a deep dive into how you’re connected through all those matches. Make a splash by learning how to filter, sort, search or use the latest tools to connect you to your DNA cousins, and find real answers to real questions. Level: Beg., Int., Adv. (Anna Swayne of Ancestry)
*  10 a.m.:  SU011 Mayflower to Minutemen: Finding Colonial Records (1610-1790)
This presentation discusses the composition of immigrants within the several colonies. The variety of available records is discussed for the diverse colonies, their people, and their genealogy source data. Online records are stressed. Level: Beg.  (James Marion Baker, PhD, CGsm)
*  11 a.m.:  Lunch from the Concession Food Sales folks in the Patio.  Usually a hot dog, an apple and a cookie.

* 12:30 p.m.:  SU021 Family Secrets: Court Records Tell It All
No matter what time period your ancestors lived in, they surely had a few secrets. Explore various court records that reveal family relationships and issues. Find answers to long-standing family mysteries! Level: Int. (Sharon D. Monson)
*  1:30 p.m.:  The Exhibit Hall closes at 2 p.m., so I'll take one last visit.

*  2 p.m.:  SU030 You Can't Take It With You: Estate Planning for Genealogists
Who will care for your genealogy research and family heirlooms when you’re gone? Explore legacy options for distributing family treasures, learn how to be an attractive donor to institutional archives, and discover tips to safeguard collections and recover from natural and man-made disaster. Level: Beg., Int., Adv. (Denise May Levenick, MA)
3 p.m.:  It's over.  We will probably head for Huntington Beach and see the grandkids and have dinner there before heading home to Chula Vista.

Of course, I will flit in and out of the Exhibit Hall between classes, and may even skip a class session or two during the day to have extended discussions with exhibitors in the Exhibit Hall.  I want to take photographs for the blog, too.  Um, and I will probably take a nap during the day - either in a class or in a quiet place.  


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