Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Changes to RootsMagic 7 in Version 7.5 and Updates

RootsMagic announced Version 7.5 on 28 June, Version 7.5.1 on 14 July, and Version on 24 July, and I promptly downloaded it and have been using it daily.

I was curious as to the changes made since Version 7.2 and found the RootsMagic Version 7 Update History list on the Forum - see

Here are the changes: - 24 July 2017
  • NEW: Marking a person as unchanged when "Accept changes" is clicked is now an option
  • FIXED: Range check errors in FamilySearch
  • FIXED: Facts which are built into Ancestry but not RM (like Origin and Circumcision) didn't have an option to "update" the fact in TreeShare when info was different.
  • FIXED: Relative names didn't show suffix in TreeShare
  • FIXED: Suffix differences for a person name didn't show name in yellow or allow updating the name in TreeShare - 14 July 2017
  • NEW: Color coding in TreeShare
  • NEW: Groups in TreeShare
  • NEW: Choose Ancestry WebHint categories (Records, Other Trees, Photos/Stories)
  • NEW: Option to strip private notes when uploading
  • NEW: Lock icon shown next to private facts in TreeShare
  • NEW: Star icon shown next to primary name
  • NEW: Record WebHints transfer back to Ancestry as Ancestry Source (not Other Source)
  • NEW: TreeShare Option: Clear all "changed"
  • NEW: TreeShare Option: Unlink RM person from Ancestry person
  • NEW: WebHints "Update fact" has option to just add WebHint w/o updating data
  • FIXED: Backing up to google drive was creating 0 byte backups
  • FIXED: Adding a person from Ancestry to RM sometimes wasn't transferring fact notes, sources, or media
  • FIXED: Transferring a source already on Ancestry doesn't duplicate it anymore
  • FIXED: Adding new person to Ancestry adds media to citations
  • FIXED: View online in WebHints works on Mac now
  • FIXED: Marks person as unchanged when "Accept changes" is done
  • FIXED: Transferring data to living person on Ancestry sometimes toggled Ancestry living flag off
  • FIXED: Speed of Place Merge and Place List edit sped back up
  • FIXED: Some marriage events would show pink source status even though sources were the same - 28 June 2017
  • NEW: TreeShare for Ancestry
    • Upload RootsMagic file to Ancestry tree
    • Download Ancestry tree into new RootsMagic file
    • Share data between your RootsMagic file and your Ancestry tree
    • Includes people, events, notes, sources, and media (both photos and document images)
    • Collaborate with people you share Ancestry trees with (Editor access only)
  • NEW: WebHints for Ancestry
    • View record hints, other member tree hints, and photo / story hints
    • Directly add data from hints into RootsMagic, along with the hint citation and media
  • FIX: Fixes an issue with some diacritics displaying as weird symbols on screen
  • FIX: Fixes some issues with FamilySearch LDS ordinances
I have not noticed some of those fixes or new features as I work with RootsMagic, but I'm not downloading Web Hints, and I am only uploading content, sources and media to the Ancestry tree using TreeShare.

The user community is busy finding more things to fix and I hope the RootsMagic team is inventing new features to add to make this an even better program.

I am working on a list of things I would like to see in a future version of RootsMagic - do my readers have suggestions?  If so, please comment!  Or add them to the list of the RootsMagic Wish List forum page (search first to see if the wish has already been expressed).


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