Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Well, Good. Ancestry Explains the Lack of Changes to Number of Collections

I have noted that no new databases were added, and none were updated, on over the past two weeks - see the most recent in Added or Updated Databases - Week of 19 to 25 November 2017.

I received an email from today that says:
"From mid-November until early January, Ancestry receives an extremely high volume of traffic to the site.  To ensure our users have the best experience possible, we limit changes made to the site during this period including new content. Content is still in production and will be added occasionally until we return to a regular release schedule in early January."
That explains it.  I don't recall that has done this before.  It is a BIG site and I understand the traffic issue.

I will continue to review the "Recently Added and Updated Collections on Ancestry" page each week but will add their note to my posts each week.

There have been occasional deletions of record collections on which I've pointed out when noted, but we have had no indication of which collections were deleted and the reason for the deletion.

My thanks to for reducing the concern and confusion in this matter.


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Linda said...

Thanks Randy for this post. I had been writing about the lack of new Ancestry releases in my weekly round-up on - I have reported to my readers that you have solved the mystery and linked back to your post. Kind regards, Linda