Thursday, January 4, 2018

Tamura Jones's "Genealogy 2017" and "GeneAwards for 2017"

Tamura Jones is a longtime commentator on the genealogy industry and software, on his Modern Software Experience website.  He is blunt and objective, which are excellent traits for a commentator.

Each year, Tamura provides a genealogy industry summary covering the industry players, software, online trees, and more.  The 2017 summary is in Genealogy 2017.

The GeneAwards 2017 post highlights the best and worst genealogy software, products, new technology and organization of 2017:

Read both of these articles.  Do you agree or disagree?  Why?


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Renee Schmidt said...

I have to admit, I disagree very much with some of the software. The most notable one is Legacy family tree. The account made it seem like the new release of Legacy didn't have much, while I found it to be chock full of useful things, such as stories and findagrave searching (although I do wish they had full unicode support). I also don't like MyHeritage as a company, partly on principle and partly on functionality. MyHeritage is essentially a paid family tree builder online that just happens to have some records. Nothing particularly unique and as a tree builder it lacks a lot of functionality. Their support office is also the worst I have come in contact with, I had an issue with losing possession of my DNA and when I just uploaded it again because they were taking so long to reply they closed the issue with no word or acknowledgment that it was a problem. Their DNA data is also chock full of errors and not especially usable for accurate cM readings.